Need A Great Hosting Provider?

If anyone is in need of a great website hosting provider, here is my recommendation:

Use FatCow!

I used to use godaddy's hosting but it just gets too expensive!

With FatCow you can host as many domains as you want for just $88 a year! And it's only $66 for the first year! I find it to be extremely affordable considering every other place I've seen expects customers to pay at least $14 bucks a month to host ONE site! At least with FatCow you can host as many sites as you want, all for that one low cost per year.

How refreshing is that?

It's cheaper to purchase your domain name through godaddy so I purchase my domains with godaddy and then point the domains to FatCow to host them.

Right now I am hosting 5 websites with my account, it's great!

You get unlimited free email, free website submission, and a bunch of other services for free along with it. Best of all, it's so easy to use that even I have no trouble using it and figuring things out! I am by no means a "techy" person and If I can do it, anyone can!

I just wanted to share this with you. I don't like paying a ton of money to host my sites and I don't think you should have to shell out a ton of money for poor quality.

FatCow has great quality! Check it out!

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jhon 4 years ago

do you have any experience with because i found it as a cheapest hosting provider.

please tell me about it.


hiit 4 years ago

Great hub, looking forward to come back and fascinted by your posts. Thank you.

Ron from

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