Lessons in enterprenurship : how to overcome shyness as an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs Fail Coz They Are Shy

Entrepreneurs by virtue of what they need to do - create something new- need to start with imperfect knowledge or incomplete know how.

In fact the most successful ones dont even know how they will do something. they just seem to know that they want to do something, that that something is worth laboring over and creating.

The process of creation can be very daunting and sooner or later, every entrepreneur will reach a dead-end, an obstacle or temporary set-back.

It is then that one needs to be able to ask.

The ability to ask, the ability to find people who you can ask and learn from is a critical factor in the success of an entrepreneur

When I wrote

10 Most Common Reasons Entrepreneurs Fail & What You Can Do To Succeed

I was amazed at the chord it struck.

Almost everyone wanted to start something of their own and just could not get around the fears. so I wrote that. This page is part of that. read that first if you would like to see all the 10 reasons

Difference Between You & An Expert

An expert is also called a technician.

If there was a rule that only people who knew the business could become entrepreneurs then that would be amazing but there is no such rule and neither does history show any linkage between field of study and success in entrepreneurship.

An entrepreneur is someone who works on the business.

A technician is someone who works in the business.

A technician is supposed to know the how.

An entrepreneur is supposed to find the people who know the how.

That is the difference.

Practical Ideas to overcome Shyness

  1. Start by making a list of all the questions that you want answers too
  2. Do your research on the net / local library
  3. Once you feel a little more confident / in the know about what you wanted to know more about, now make a list of people who could answer that question
  4. Remember these people do not need to be from your immediate circle - think linkedin or facebook!
  5. Now ask them - start by emails.  people will respond.  and when they do, take the opportunity to meet or call.

Quotations on Shyness

Many a man is praised for his reserve and so-called shyness when he is simply too proud to risk making a fool of himself. ~ J. B. Priestley

Do not be shy but rather be daring and be bold - if there is something that you can do, then do it. ~ Dick Gautier

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