How You Should Face An Interview

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How To Face An Interview

With every employment opportunity comes the terror of facing an interview. Many job seekers fear this, but nevertheless most employers require an interview before hiring someone. So how should you face an interview?

Enumerated below are some of the most important tips on how face an interview, especially job interviews:

  1. Dress properly. Nothing boosts your ego and self-confidence more than having the feeling of looking good. Why? Because first impression matters most! In fact, this rule of having to dress your best at every occasion is written in the 'Laws of Success' by Napoleon Hill. In his book he reasoned out that this is rooted in some principles of psychology, in which we tend to be the best we are when we know we look good.
  2. Prepare. They say that those who fail to prepare should prepare to fail. So how should you go about the preparations? The best way would be looking into the mirror and trying to emulate the interview itself. This way you'll have a first-hand look on your body language, which is also often looked at in the interview.
  3. Do your C.V professionally. This can be a deciding factor in your interview, hence you should write the details very carefully, word per word. A little mistake here can be costly, because aside from the interview itself they also judge you based on what your CV contains.
  4. Try to predict what the questions would be first-hand. Common interview questions would be why you picked this job and company, why you are the right person for the job, and what are your strengths and weaknesses. Aside from these, also be prepared with job specific questions about the position you want. As well as what their expectations should be.

What Should You Do During The Interview

Even if you're fully prepared, there are still things to look out for during the interview proper. Some of the most important ones on how to face an interview are listed below:

  • Look at them straight. Yep, focus. But not too much to make things awkward. Just the right level of eye contact. Interviewers love being talked to eye-to-eye, as they try to look at your body language to see if you're telling them the truth, especially with the objective questions like why'd you leave your former company?
  • Keep your answers short and concise. No need for the drama, what interviewers want are complete answers which are straight to the point. You may want to elaborate a bit but keep it in topic and avoid vague words.
  • Be yourself. The most basic, yet the most important.

How to face an interview
How to face an interview

In the end, remember that interviews are just tests of your personal communication skills and a way employers can know more about you. So relax and keep it simple. This way you'll be able to smoothly go over it and land on your job prospect.

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lumeire 4 years ago

Cool, will take note of these tips.

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