How To Start a Business

A Start Up Guide for Entrepreneurs

I'm creating this page to help entrepreneurs and small business owners start and create their own business to make money offline! :)

The pages should provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to start a given business. The information provided here is intended to be for your reference to save time, energy, and resources to start your own business. And I'm hoping that with the amount of time and energy that you save, you can directly put it right back into your own business for accelerated growth and profits!

Entrepreneurship and owning your own business can truly be the American dream. The responsibility and challenge that come with the job combined with the excitement, joy, and freedom you obtain from business ownership cannot be found anywhere else. In addition, it is the fastest way to become a millionaire, or even a billionaire aside from winning the lottery or getting it via inheritance.

The United States is truly a unique place compared to other parts of the world where entrepreneurship can thrive. We are a resident of a country with high entrepreneur spirit and extremely competitive nature. These characteristics combined with a huge market of diverse people, and the tax benefits and incentives by the government make United States the best place to start out your own business. We wish you the best on your journey of owning your own business!

What We All Seek

Where to Begin?

Entrepreneurship seems to be, in one sense, the "best kept secret" of this world. We live most of our lives so that we can become a good employee. Our school systems preach about going to school and getting good grades so that you can work for a good company. We are usually brought up by our parents being told that you need to go to a good college to get a nice stable job. And if you have a spouse or family they will expect you to have a job to make a living. It is a societal norm in this world to have a job and work as an employee.

Entrepreneurship at its initial stages can be difficult for the first time entrepreneur. This is due to many of the societal norms that you will have to challenge. Many times your parents or your family will object to your intentions on becoming an entrepreneur. They will think it's too risky or don't want to lower their standard of living. Your friends and colleagues may also discourage you. Or they will just expect you to fail. And even YOU have to change your own mindset if you have been an employee for quite some time. It's a whole different set of rules to play the game of entrepreneurship.

For this reason, you should begin the journey of entrepreneurship to see if you are indeed ready for the dip into this new and exciting world. Entrepreneurship has its huge benefits and great rewards, but at the same time there are also risks involved. You will need to begin by understanding what entrepreneurship is all about, and see if this is the right time to start out your own business. See my next post, "Are You an Entrepreneur?" to see if entrepreneurship is right for you.

Who is the Author?

I like to think of myself as a serial entrepreneur, though it may be wishful thinking.

I have started out many of the businesses in the pages that you will be reading, so a lot of the articles are based on my own personal experiences.

Entrepreneurship and education are my passions in life, and I love to create business as well as help others start out their own businesses. As I recently sold some of my businesses, I felt that it would be my next step to start out a website to help out fellow entrepreneurs start out their own businesses.

Personal credential wise, I attended the University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. After undergraduate studies, I also went to USC's graduate program, studying in their Master's in Business Tax program, alongside a special certificate in Entrepreneurship. After obtaining the certificate in entrepreneurship, I knew that owning a business was what I wanted to do. So I dropped out of the Master's in Business Tax to start out a business. The rest is history. I now have three very successful businesses that I own, two web-based businesses, started a non-profit organization, and looking to build more. I am also licensed as a bartender, a chef, an insurance agent, a used car dealer, a real estate broker, a grants writer, and a travel agent.

I really hope that the information I put on Hubpages will be of some help to other people starting out their own businesses.

Good luck on your journey!

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seohowto 8 years ago from Bay Area, CA

So, HOW to start a business???

how2start profile image

how2start 8 years ago from Orange County, CA Author

Thanks for your quick comment. Sorry this was my first post, and I wasn't very sure how HubPages work yet. I've posted another page that go through some of the basics of starting your own business. I'll be posting on the details on how to start a specific business soon too.

Thanks again for your comment! It helps me to keep myself motivated to post more pages!

OLA 6 years ago


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