Hurdling a Tough Job Interview Question Regarding Lack of Experience

You will increase your chances of job application success dramatically through research on what employers expect from prospective employees. By doing so, you can prepare the answers that will gain the interviewer’s favor during the interview session. This is your opportunity to show the company what you can bring to the position including your particular skills, knowledge and experiences.

Some companies may require well-experienced candidates; others are happy to train their employees and find candidates with a clean slate preferable. You may have three months of working experience or zero, while the requirements for the company you apply for states the preference of a minimum of two years experience in the relevant fields. Hence, comes the classic, much dreaded question:

“How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?”

Limited experience vs. no experience at all

How limited is your experience? Depending upon how lacking you are, your approach may vary.

If you are completely newbie, be honest. Remember that no one’s perfect. You will get the opportunity to show what you’ve got through other questions (usually “Tell me more about yourself.” and “Why should we hire you?”). Most Interviewers are experts in catching bluffs.

If you have a little experience, stress the fact that you do have some experience. This way, the interviewer knows you aren't completely unfamiliar with the position.

Highlighting your plus factors

Explain all the other skills you bring to the position that you feel will benefit the company and make you successful. Let your interviewer know your education. List your achievements you have so far. This helps to stress that lacking experience can be made-up by your excelling in related and necessary skills. If you do your homework on your prospective employer’s background, you will come up with some well thought out suggestions on how you can help your future employer improve.

Triple F

Fast learning, Flexibility and a little Flattery … the combination of this trio makes the deadliest of all weapons in the jobseekers’ world. First of all, show a willingness to learn. By pointing out how hard working quick learner you are, you’ve gained yourself a ticket for their interest in you. Once the interviewer is convinced of your flexibility, you are as good as securing your place in the company. The flexibility can range from whether you are willing to relocate or travel for work to the amount of salary expectation, but be aware that some of these topics will not be discussed in your first interview. As a finishing touch, give the interviewer the impression that you are applying because you want to learn from the best — the company where the interviewer belongs — and you strongly feel that you will do well in it. You just want the chance to prove it! Don’t get too carried away though; employers love confident, but not cocky workers.

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RandomLife profile image

RandomLife 5 years ago from Nashville TN

Great hub! =)

Christy Chen profile image

Christy Chen 5 years ago from Indonesia Author

Thanks RandomLife, I admire your hubs as well :)

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 5 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

I like the part about the three F's. Very well thought out.

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