How will you finally monetize?
How will you finally monetize?

Learn Proven Internet Marketing Strategies For Websites And Blogs

Want to make money from your website in a sustainable manner? Well, before that you have to work hard in integrating various online marketing strategies. Each strategy does bear measurable results if executed alone, but for significant gains to be realized you have to come up with a combination. In other words, you need another higher level strategy to execute other low level strategies effectively. This may somehow sound complicated but to do it you don’t need a strategic management course. Just learn some basic methods then from there come up with a logical plan on how to use them. Whichever way you want to make money on your website, whether it’s sales commissions, hits for Google Adsense or any other Pay Per Click (PPC) program, it will be pretty simple. All you need to do is build content, get traffic and monetize it. Just to break it down further, you need to come up with and systematically execute the following strategies:

  1. Online content building strategies
  2. Traffic generation strategies
  3. Monetization strategies

Online content building strategies

At this level of your internet marketing campaigns, you need to setup a solid foundation of an excellent website design that is rich in content. This is the real value to your targeted traffic sources so you should not let them down at all. Apart from a user-friendly interface, you need to provide valuable information whether in the written format or images (pictures and illustrations). Quality content needs to be developed for the visitors expected to come soon or later. Overlapping between online content building and traffic generation stages are website optimization or blog optimization strategies which include search engine optimization (SEO) and Social media optimization (SMO). SEO at this level is used to develop keyword-rich content that will make your pages to be easily found by search engines. Before you write articles, you need to plan them using a keyword tool like Google Adwords to help you select a list of keywords that have more value but less competition.

Traffic generation strategies

Generate More Traffic
Generate More Traffic

Traffic generation strategies

SEO strategies used building your content play a very significant role in traffic generation. SMO strategies or Social SEO strategies will help you integrate on your website some social media features such as RSS feeds, polls, rating, comments, facebook like buttons, follow on twitter and buttons to share you pages on social networks where you would expect to generate traffic. Social media marketing is yet another method used to promote website pages on social networks which are designed to create awareness through the word of mouth marketing. Facebook fan pages for instance can create huge following and traffic.

Email marketing is another important strategy which is implemented by allowing subscriptions from visitors who are thereafter targeted with communications such as newsletters and other updates to promote the website and its new offers. Link building is yet another popular and a very effective method to generate traffic. Writing articles with links back to your website pages and submitting them to article directories with more exposure to huge traffic sends a percentage of the same back to your site. It can also be done by leaving comments and links on pages with similar content to yours or participating on forums where you genuinely help people and refer them to your relevant pages. Blog marketing is also increasingly becoming an important strategy to generate traffic for website. Blogs with relevant content are created with links pointing to a website. Traffic generations strategies are numerous and depend on ones level of creativity and expertise to expose the content on a website or blog to targeted online audience.

Monetization strategies

After generating traffic for your website, you need to make money for all your internet marketing efforts this far. You need your visitors to buy your products or services, click ads, subscribe for content and the like if it adds any value. Monetization strategies also call for creativity and expertise to trigger that important action from a visitor. Affiliate marketing is the best strategy that benefits those who do not have their own merchandise to sell. This is developed in many ways but it simply means you get paid commissions for any sales of third party products or services which can be traced back from your website or blog. and ebay allow you to expose their products through your website and pay for sales referred. Top affiliate programs like Google Adsense, Google affiliate network, Commission Junction, ClickBank and many others pay per click(s) or pay per lead. Infolinks and Contera are excellent programs for text ads which also help a great deal to monetize your website or blog.

However, at times website monetization strategies may not automatically apply for blog monetization. Banner advertising is for instance more of a strategy for website owners and not often for bloggers. Monetization strategies can also be implemented through emails and most commonly RSS feeds. A monetization strategy is any plan that can help trigger valuable actions from your website or blog traffic, so all the possible strategies cannot be exhausted. Remember performance measurement is important to optimize monetization results so use tools like Google Analytics and with no time you will gather useful stats while on your way tointernet marketing stardom which translates to more income for you.

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Inforyou profile image

Inforyou 6 years ago from MACHAKOS Author

I believe these strategies if applied well will reward to any online marketer. If you have any questions about them don't hesitate to ask here. Thanks

custom essays 6 years ago

After reading it, I feel, I am not a good writer.

Avesel profile image

Avesel 6 years ago

I would also suggest using contests to generate traffic. Give out a large prize and then ask people whom join the contest to encourage friends to vote for them. Give their friends a chance to win a gift too if they vote for the right person.

best seo company 6 years ago

I did read it and enjoyed it! Thank you for this wonderful post; that was very nice.

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MaeganA 6 years ago

Online marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy. The first thing that consumer looks at is the content on your website. If they are pleased with it, most likely they will become possible clients. So it is very important to make your content informative.

Inforyou profile image

Inforyou 5 years ago from MACHAKOS Author

Thanks to Avesel and MaeganA for your inputs to this hub. I welcome anyone else to make their suggestions to the hub's topic. Thanks to all for reading

John 5 years ago

To generate business on Internet marketing is to have an effective marketing strategy.

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