Life of Call Center Representatives


Jobs in the Philippines take a big leap upon the flourish of new careers that provide Filipinos attractive compensation. The trend is really going up because of these newly-launched industries, all thanks to western investors, and yes, the internet. If i can remember it correctly, Filipinos (that's how we call ourselves) will just settle for the typical clerical jobs or be in the food industry. Now, with the advancement of technology, a lot of careers were introduced to the country.

One of the most common sought after jobs is being in a CALL CENTER or CONTACT CENTER. In the last four years, this type of industry has been rampant, having numerous contact centers that were launched all across the Philippines. This is where people from western countries outsource off-shore to hire people who will work for them. That's the nature of my job by the way. CUSTOMER SERVICE is more of a layman's term. Americans, Brits or even Aussies chose to hire people out of their countries since labor cost here is really competitive. Cost cutting, as we call it. How does it work? It's either you're an INBOUND representative which mostly just do plain customer service or technical support, or an OUTBOUND representative- who does all the dirt calling houses selling insurance, websites, saying you won a lottery or what have you. Other's find it really easy of earning money, but to tell you honestly, it's as tedious as working as a secretary. You have to be shouted at by your customers, sometimes even cursing you to death, your body clock changes, and you have to work on wee hours since it's operating 24/7.  




Online Tutorial is like you are just chatting with your friends but giving useful info rather than talking about gossips


Another career to look for in this country is being an ONLINE TUTOR. These people are professional teachers who work as freelancers and have expertise on several subject matters like English, Math, Science, History, among others. Students having some challenges academically will seek help in guiding them with their performance in school. This pays well too since your student (Or let us say the STUDENT'S MOM) pays you on an hour to hour basis. You would only be required to work for a maximum of four hours everyday, sometimes, just thrice a week. Hence, you can work part time as an online tutor, and you can have a second job, or do the laundry in the afternoon. It's like you are chatting with your student and giving him additional info by sending some websites that your student could check on his end via internet, and explaining everything through the web.

Next on the line are the MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONISTS or MEDICAL TRANSCRIBERS. This goes to people who has wide knowledge on medical terminologies. When I say knowledge, I just don't mean parts of the human anatomy. I'm talking about medicines, physiology, different kinds of diseases and it's process. It's indeed one of the high-paying jobs in the country but also as challenging as the other careers ever thought possible. You have to be extra careful on transcribing accurately or you loose your job in seconds. You have to keep track of the transcriptions, you have to have a good grammar and should use proper punctuations, to be able to transcribe correctly. And by the way, these people also work for health-care facilities from another country, say the United States. You will undergo training but it will be an edge if you're already a know-how on the medical world. 




Being an ENGLISH TUTOR for KOREAN students is also one of the most looked-for jobs in Philippines. Koreans have a big population in the country for reasons I don't know (Well, don't have anything against them and I can't blame them if they want to stay here.). Unlike with ONLINE TUTORS, wherein you have a wide range of expertise that you can choose to teach, being a tutor for Koreans is just basically teaching them how to speak in English. Modesty aside, Filipinos are known to be proficient in English that's why this job really doesn't require extra effort. And to think that all you need to do is to teach what you say practically everytime you open your mouth. I must admit, it is kinda challenging still if you think about it, since you are teaching someone who barely speaks and understand the language. I didn't mean that they are hopeless case, it's just that koreans just know their language and just few English words so it's a long way to go. Most of Koreans seeking for an English tutor though just needs a little polishing with the language. And since you only work as a tutor for three to four hours, you can have another job and still go out and have fun with buddies. 

Are you a computer geek?Why not start a career as a web developer!


Another top-caliber job in the industry is being an IT DEVELOPER or a WEB DEVELOPER. Just from the term, you have to be damn good in computer. Not just basic stuff like creating a simple blog site or surfing the net, or creating a GOOGLE ADSENSE account. It's not even about chatting forever with friends nor adding several applications or widgets to your Facebook account. One needs to particularly be an expert on WORLD WIDE WEB (WWB) applications and numerous network applications, javascript, HTML, Internet protocols, etc. You have to know how to troubleshoot pc's and websites. You should even know how to hack your friend's pc. You should familiar to all the computer terminologies known by the any computer geek all across the earth. You will really earn here a fortune, but it can be a long way to go if you just started liking computers.


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rhea 7 years ago

if there is somebody want to help to have a part time job im interested.. email me at

im a 4th yr college student in university of caloocan city..

thank you.. asap!! i need job to spport my last semester.. thank you!!

Grace  7 years ago

I am college undergrad at San Sebastian College I want to have a part time job, every Monday's until Friday 8am to 5pm.

Thank you please send me an email at

jong jong 7 years ago

Im looking for a job after my contract here in Afghanistan AS protective Security Detail .

Meg McNeal profile image

Meg McNeal 7 years ago

I'm very happy for all the work that you do, but I have one idea for the ones that do customer service. Please have everyone learn English. Sometimes it is so hard to understand what is being said. A lot of Americans get so upset because they can't understand what is being said to them, they just hang up and then they start talking bad about the company they were trying to contact in the first place.

PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait... I: wait...wait... C: wait... SD: wait...

coleen and cyndie 7 years ago

we are an undergrad students from Centro Escolar University Manila, and we would like to have a part time job located within the vicinity of manila, and if any of you are interested just email us at and thanks

jody 7 years ago

hi... good day....

im jodelyn c. cariñ looking for a part time job,

im 4th year college student of Polythechnic University of the Philippines taking up BsECE Electronics and Communications Engineering..

im available every tuesday and friday...

if you need english tutor or encoder im avaialable...

if you have questions you can contact me in this numbers..

09272205151 or 09078001640

or email me

thank you and GODBLESS

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

Hi Meg!

Thanks for taking the time to read my hub. I understand where you're coming from because I work as a coach for a call center. Believe me honey, I know the language and accent barrier. But I'm not God and I don't have millions of dollars to have these people enroll to a communications school or something. But just remember that no matter how unperfect the grammar is, if you are determined enough to learn and to succeed, then you will learn and you will overcome your shortcoming. Nobody is perfect anyway, right? :-)

kat 7 years ago

anyone needing an english tutor especially Koreans ,, contact me 09084618007

payment is negotiable.. im teaching a korean as of the present,,,

trish.cada 7 years ago

anyone who needs english tutor for koreans, please contact 09062535529 =)

MON 7 years ago

Hi! If you need English tutor, don't hesitate to contatc me 09157906928.



Dolly Ann 7 years ago

Hey There, im from iloilo and willing to work if you want some help, im really bored down here, so if you guys are looking for someone who could teach i can..

just email me at tnx LOT

camille(yeongji) 7 years ago

hello! i'm camille penafiel from Manila. if anybody needs an english tutor especially for koreans, i'm available and payment is negotiable. i have good english skills and i'm also studying korean. please do help.:D i'm a first year college student in De La Salle-College of St. Benilde and here's my contact number just in case : 09158662784.

thank you!

camille(yeongji) 7 years ago

and here's my e-mail address if you want to contact me through

gerry 7 years ago

hi if you need an english tutor you can contact me 0915 114 51 23

jean 7 years ago

i wanna be a tutor too!

email me at

-jean, univ. of the phils.

Paolo 7 years ago

Im a 2nd year student from De La Salle University - Manila. I need a part time job so contact me - 09159885607 or email me at

Toby 7 years ago

I'm an undergard student from cavite. If you need an English Tutor mail me at

Thank you and have a nice day..

God Bless..

Toby 7 years ago

I'm an undergard student from cavite. If you need an English Tutor mail me at

Thank you and have a nice day..

God Bless..

jeny rose tagayun 7 years ago

hi i'm jeny rose tagayun presently teaching at st. paul college island park major in english.i have a good communication skills and really have the passion in if you need a part time english tutor pls. do not hesitate to contact me at this no. 09095186400...thanks

MJ 7 years ago

For my Unni and Ahjussi, If you want to learn how to speak english fluently, then don't hesitate to ping me up. Only P100 per hour!


rome gonzales 7 years ago

hi im rome gonzales a filipino who used to work for two and a half in korea if you are looking for a english tutor in manila philippines just contact me at 09165197039 or 3678173 gamsahamnida

cha 7 years ago

a friend and myself are very,very interested to be tutors onlines as well. we are from centro escolar university with majors in political science and medical technology respectively. your immediate response will be highly appreciated, we really need a job. thanks!! here's where you can e-mail me

Alfredo Barroso 7 years ago

I have a private school in cavite and courses offered are preschool and elementary. the school was founded in 2001. I am looking for potential investors to invest in my school

alfredo Barroso 7 years ago

I have a private school in cavite and courses offered are preschool and elementary. the school was founded in 2001. I am looking for potential investors for expansion of my school. Please send me email at this add:

Ninia 7 years ago

hello I'm Ninia. Do you know someone who needs a tutor? I am an incoming 3rd year student at DLSU. If you need someone to tutor I am available. Just email me,


kshie 7 years ago

If you're looking for an english tutor esp. for (korean students), I'm always available at your service..Payment is negotiable..I'm willing to teach you at home or online..

Here's my contact no.: 09053963223-09297571961

Cath 7 years ago

I'm Catherine from Pampanga, a college graduate and currently working in a call center for a year now so if you need an English tutor just contact me. Here's my email address:


joyce 7 years ago

Good day!

I am looking for a part time job and willing to undergo training to suit on the job vacancy in your company.

I am currently taking up Bachelor in Applied Statistics in PUP.Proficient in written and verbal English language.Computer proficiency including Windows, all MS Office applications.

I have a good schedule that can comply on your job schedule and requirements.

my email address is:

thank you and more power!

gotutorlinks 7 years ago

(for interseted tutors, pls email your resume and transcipt of records to problems with your child's academic performance? No enough time to teach them? you might need some help.

G.O. Tutorlinks offers quality home service tutorials to elementary, high school, and college students. Rest assured, our tutors are highly competent UP students and newly UP graduates who are bright, enthusiastic, and share the passion for learning.

Rate: a. One on one 200php-300php per hour depending on the location (with 2 FREE trial sessions)

b. Group of 2 125php-175php per hour per student

c. Group of 3 or 4 (same year level) 100php per hour per student

For inquiries, you may reach us at 09266338941 or email us at

Home service tutorial is currently applicable only within Metro Manila.

Mariz 7 years ago

Hi, am a teacher, am looking for a part time tutorial job especially for koreans, you can call me at 508-11-96 or email at

Princess 7 years ago

Hi everyone I am a teacher for about 2 years.. I want t teach korean students through skype.. if you want to contact me just email me at im willing to each english language for you especially grammar. im available aytime. see you.

Ivy Liza 7 years ago

Hi Im Ivy Liza. Nursing, graduating student. I want to have a part time job. Anyone? Who can help me or refer me to have a part time job? Im from Quezon city

Lyna Fe Gamba 6 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a par-time job... Pls contact me @

Thank you!

Nyte 6 years ago

I'm Nyte, graduating student from the University of the Philippines Diliman. I'm looking for a part time job right now...Can somebody help me? Here's my digits, 09084408434...Thank you very much..

chariz 6 years ago

hi im chariz, currently a student and is interested in having a parttime job as an english tutor online. could you help me? here's my email add: thank you!:)

niel 6 years ago

hi! if your looking for math tutor.. kindly email me at thanks..

myke 6 years ago

Hi mhei! I'm presently looking for a new job. i have 3 kids and i really need a good paying job. been in a contact center for 11mos just resigned and cant go to other call center companies because i havent finished 2years of college education. u mentioned that u r a coach in a call center, ryt? can you refer me or help me find a job pls? just text me @ 09329694712 or email me at for details...

im hoping to receive a quick response from you.. thanks in advance.

honeyA 6 years ago

hi i'm honey..i've been teaching koreans for 13 months.mostly on basic grammar and vocabulary and conversation skills.if you're interested please contact me at this #09205766145 or email me at

ruzzell justin tarlac 6 years ago

i'm a high school graduate, i graduated valedictorian in our school, i had to stop studying for some problems, right now i'm looking for a job so that i can earn money which i can use in my study next semester, if u are interested, just email me at

peach ledesma 6 years ago

i'm one of those people who are currently working in a call center but i have just stopped last month (december). i'm currently looking for a someone who would hire me as an english tutor either for koreans or students who are having problems with their school subjects (except for math, chemistry and physics which i'm not fond of.) you can contact me at +63910-8550-747. thanks! :)

anna 6 years ago

hello everyone i had a friend who wants to find a job...he can do anything but he is undergrad but he gots 2 years of mass communication he already work experience in channel 9 and he already direct a live shows/events. Please if you know someone who can help him looking for a job please email me

tina 6 years ago

Hi i looking for part time job is there anybody who can help me. I'm now graduating student in Information Technology. email me

darby 6 years ago

hi aym darby and looking 4 a part tym job ndf kind a bored here so i want t teach koreans online with their english grammars and languge

arige kesame 6 years ago

hoy gloria alam mo mahirap na bansa natin sira na ayaw mo pang ayusin talagang maswama taong nakaapak ng pera+++++++++++++++puro first aied na lang naka kabit puwede na man ito---------------------- pang matagalan okaya palasyomo ay puno ng ********************************************************************* gagambao////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////o bakod dahil baka mag rally ang tao

karen lagunzad 6 years ago

i am looking for a job... i am a hotel and restaurant associate graduate! thanks for the help!

ann 6 years ago

Hi, Does anyone needs a substitute English teacher for the month of June-July? I can be of help. Just call 09192931041. I'm a secondary English teacher but can teach from pre-school to college with experience since 2002. Tutorials are also accepted. Thanks!

ann 6 years ago

it should be within metro manila.

Rachell 6 years ago

Hi !! Im rachell i need a part time job English Tutor will be good because im good at English ... If anyone needs me just E mail me at or You can call or text me at 09055952883 ... Im just 14 BUT im really good at English i just really really need a Part Time job ... Im just gonna accept ONLINE TUTOR ... OKAY .. I really need a job ... Thank You ...

Gino 6 years ago

HI.. I'm a call center veteran.. been in the industry for more than 3yrs.. I'm looking for a home based, work at home opening.. any of you guys know any just email me..

Heath Watson 6 years ago

I am currently living in the United Kingdom England and am married to a lady from the Phills,I speak good English and want to live there but first and foremost I need to secure some kind of work,I am willing to learn anything,my background is in sales however I would consider anything my email is and my cell in England is 07980-601-281 thankyou

beth 5 years ago

Hi! I'm a BEED graduate and currently working in a call center. I am looking for an online tutorial job, part time or full time will do. You can text me at 09057470417. Thanks

jomari 5 years ago

Hey anyone out there looking for a personal English tutor? I'm the guy for the job..part time i is negotiable.. just give me a holler at this number 09277603236..thanks hope to hear from you

analyn 5 years ago

hi! i'm a 2nd year student from University of the philippines-diliman and i do need a part time job.i would consider tutorial for Koreans who wants to learn English.

pls text me 09151751615

irish valerie 5 years ago

hi! i'm irish, i'm a student from the University of Santo Tomas. i'm currently in my third year. since the expenses are too high nowadays, i would like to have a part time job. if you are in need of a personal english tutor, here's my digits 09157196468, i would be very glad to work with you.



mairil 5 years ago

if you need an english tutor (especially for koreans)pls contact me:


skype: mairil11

Bruce Caron 5 years ago

I'm speak Korean and English. I'm currently overseas in Afghanistan working as a xray technician for backscatter technology. I'm looking for a decent paying job in the Philippines. Please email me at for any information.

Thank you

Fenina Vito 5 years ago

Hi! I'm available for English tutorials, currently working on a call center here in quezon city, 19 yrs. old graduating at Polytechnic University of the Philippines: contact me for interested party at 09055311872.

Rommel Buscado 5 years ago

Good day! I'm a Marine Engineering graduate at Southwestern University in Cebu City. I'm available for Math and English Tutorial. Plz. contact me anytime at 09165488779.

kyrie 4 years ago

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Anabel 4 years ago

I'm a college graduate and I've been tutoring ever since during my high school years. If you need an online English teacher, pls. contact me at 0929-7689735 and my email address is

aduddyetern 4 years ago

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