Leadership Techniques - Are You Qualified To Be A Leader

After you read this short article, you will uncover some effective leadership techniques that will help you stay on top of your game. You will develop the skills necessary to keep your associates motivated and ready to follow your lead.

Whether in business or management, good leadership is hard to come by. People and/or employees like to follow successful individuals. So it is up to you to get the training you need to become an effective leader.

Contrary to what you may have already heard, there is no such thing as a "born leader". You must consistently improve your skills.

So are you ready for success?

10 Leadership Techniques To Help You Get Started

1. Delegate - To build a strong team, one must be able to delegate responsibilities. It amazes me how so many people want to apply for a management position, but lack this one great skill of delegation. They come with the mentality that if you want something done right you must do it yourself. This type of thinking is ineffective if you want to accomplish your overall goals. Learn to delegate tasks to others so that you can spend your time achieving the overall objective.

2. Lead by example - The saying, "Do as I say, not as I do" is not the saying of a good leader. If a leader makes a policy or decision for his organization, he must follow them like everyone else. A leader can not ask his team to strive for the best if he lacks the initiative to do the same. Leading by example is an easy task to do. So if you want your team to believe in you and respect your decision making, you must possess this trait.

3. Set Goals - Learn to set goals for yourself on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Also, train your staff to do the same. This will give you something to work towards and give your staff the feeling of accomplishment once complete. Effective leaders like to meet deadlines and gets things done on time.

4. Be Honesty - Be open and honest about what's going on with the company including falling sales, budget cuts, policy changes or any other thing that can have an effect on the teams job or career.  Nobody likes secrets and false statements about issues the company may be facing. So, be HONEST! Your staff will have a greater respect for you and will stand behind you no matter what.  You will be amazed!

5. Take Responsibility - Learn to take responsibility for things that go wrong and admit to your mistakes. Don't always point fingers when there are failures. Learn from these mistakes and take the proper steps to correct them. Your employees will follow suit and do the same. They will feel the need to step up and do a better job because you are fair and responsible.

6. Set Priorities - If your goals are to complete major projects, you must learn to set priorities on tasks. At any time, you can be overwhelmed by hordes of meaningless tasks that you encounter everyday.  These can be a distraction and keep you from accomplishing your goals in a timely manner.  Train your employees to identify what's important and needs to get done first. There's an abundance of tools you can use to assist you in setting priorities. Find them and use them. You will find yourself completing projects at a much faster pace.

7. Take Notes - Some of us think we are very smart and can retain a lot of information. However, it is just not possible to retain everything especially the older we get. Start by keeping a notepad or PDA on you at all times. You never know when an idea or solution to a problem will hit you. If you don't write it down, you might forget it. Also, try to take good notes in meetings and brainstorming sessions. You won't realize how effective it is until it becomes habit.

8. Keep A Calendar - There is nothing worse than forgetting a meeting. To stay on top of things, it is important to keep a calendar. Get into the habit of planning out days, weeks and months in advance. It puts you in the right mind set and makes your life go a lot smoother. If your schedule changes, it is easy to maneuver because you know what is going on. Make use of your calendar because it is a very effective tool.

9. Be Clear On Vision - Instead of giving your team individual tasks to do, make sure they understand the overall direction you are looking to take the company.  Even if they are not involved in every task associated with the project. This gives them the feeling of being a part of the team. Once I started doing this, I achieved great results.

10. Build Trust - You should always find time to address the needs and concerns of your employees. By doing this, you are creating an environment where there is no fear to express your concerns. You will be able to curtail unnecessary chatter in the workplace and problems are usually solved a lot faster. Your employees will follow begin to trust you more and more when they are able to turn to you when they encounter a problems.

Leadership Techniques to Avoid

The following are things you should avoid at all costs. They do nothing to strength the team as a whole or boost morale.

If you find yourself doing these, take a step back and ask yourself if you would like for someone to act in this manner towards you. Hopefully, you will realize that it is ineffective.

Personal Attacks
Yell and Screaming

What Leadership Skills Do You Find Most Effective

  • Delegation
  • Leading by Example
  • Being Honest
  • Setting Goals
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You must understand that this is a process and changes don't happen overnight. Also, you must know that knowledge is king. Continually search for better ways to improve yourself and put into practice the good techniques.

You will start to notice a dramatic change in how your staff respond to your request. Also, make use of technology.

Hopefully, you find these tips helpful in your search good leadership techniques.

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aleksander bryson profile image

aleksander bryson 6 years ago

To me, great leaders demonstrate what's possible by actively doing the thing, they mastermind with other leaders to continually get an infusion of new ideas, and they cultivate the expectation of leadership of their followers.

Talk is cheap.

I can only hear what you are DOING.

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