7 Rules to Building a Better Business Website

7 Rules to Getting Ranked Number One on Any Search Engine

Looking for a business any business including your own used to entail getting it listed in the yellow pages. Those days are forever gone as all any one needs to do to find your business is checking their computer or locating it on a smartphone or GPS. This can be great for your business as long as you understand the principles of getting your business website ranked high in the search engines. Here are 7 rules to follow to helping your business website do well in the online search engines:

#1 Make Sure Your Business in Listed Online

As a business owner, you should verify on a monthly basis your business is showing up on the bigger online search engines. Check Google, Yahoo, Bing, and SuperPages to verify they have your website and business address correctly. If the information is incorrect, contact the search engine to have them verify the information and inform them you are the owner and contact for your business. This will also prevent someone else from corrupting your business information.

#2 Verify Your Business Information is Correct Online

It is important that your business listings and website have the correct address, phone number, email, and hours of business, website links, and a description of your business for your customers to read.

#3 Learn to Improve Your Business Online

Your website for your business needs to have a professional look. That includes photos, products, and services offered by your business. Adding a logo and some coupons, videos and types of payments you provide can be an added enhancement.

#4 The Use of Keywords is Important for Your Online Business

Learn to get familiar with the search terms that are important to your business and find ways to incorporate them into your business website. The basic products, services, and location are important content needed in your business website.

#5 Add Customer Reviews to Improve Your Online Business

If the opportunity arises, ask customers or business partners to give your business a review. Websites tend to rank higher on online search engines with more activity.

#6 Know Where Your Customers Come From With Your Online Business

Make sure that your website has a way of identifying where your customers come from. Install a web analytics program that can track your website’s activity. Offer up coupons codes or a survey to help you track how customers find your business.

#7 Smart Phone Apps Are Important for Your Online Business

There are more smart phones out there than ever and your business needs to be sure to include smart phone apps to do well. Verify that you are listed with the big ones such as Yelp, Gowalla, and Foursquare.

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