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Although content is very imortant for any website new or old, no website can rank well in search engines without link building here is some tips for successful link building based on my own experience.

1- Content is Number 1

  The best link building strategy of all is building a great website with excellent design and a lot of quality and unique content that other website will like to link to.

2- Rate is important

  If your website is new try not to not build links too fast and it is better to keep backlinks less than 50 in the first month and you can increse that to 200 links in the second month and as your website gets older and more trusted by search engines the rate with which you aquire backlinks will become less important so that you can get faster with your linkbuilding efforts without the fear of a penality.

3- Vary Anchor text

Make sure to vary the anchor text you are using in your backlinks to include different keywords this way it will appear more natural to search engines and do not forget to use your main domain url as an anchor text from time to time.

4- Have some nofollow links also

  Donot choose only dofollow links as it is important to acquire some nofollow links from time to time and by this way your link building campaign will appear more natural.

5- Submit to directories

there is a lot of contoversy nowdays about the value of directory submission but in my opinion it is still a very important part of any link building strategy. as a general rule you have to concentate more on submitting to high pr and old directories and also to the ones with the highest numbers of backlinks generaly there are 3 types of directories

1-Free directories- there are tens of thouthand of free directories available the most imprtant one is dmoz directory which is highly regarde by google but the only problem is it usually take a long time for your website to get accepted

2- Paid directories- this type usually hold a better value than the free ones with few exceptions. the leading directories in this category is yahoo, and best of the web directory. all this 3 is considered authority websites and will greatly help your website rank better in search engines, the only problem is the expenses for example a link from yahoo directory will cost around 300$ per year. other notable paid directories with more afordable fee is joeant, goguides, skaffe, ezilon directoy.

3- Niche directories- which means directories that is related your website niche. this type is very helpful and should not be missed and if done properly can give better results than general directory submissions. you can find a lot of directories in your niche by typing the following in google.

"Your niche" + "directory" or "submit"

6- Submit to article directories

another great way to get valuable backlinks as article directories especially established ones like ezine articles, go articles and buzzle can give your website both dofollow backlink and is also good way to get relevent traffic to your website and what makes it even more valuable is that your articles could be picked and puplished to other website with link back to your website and by this way you can get tens or even hundreds of free backlinks with only few article submissions but make sure to submit only quality and unique articles.

7- Make use of free hosted blogs

Create several free hosted blogs using blogger and and other free blog hosting services and link to your website from the content of these blogs but make sure that the blogs are closely related to your website niche and it is better to include your main keywords in the domain name and to create some backlinks to these blogs so that it wil gain accepted pagerank with time and by this way you will gain excellent and relevent backlinks to your website and the best thing is it will be totally under your control.

8-Submit to social bookmarking sites

Submit to social bookmarking site like digg, reddit, stumbleupon and mixx which is a great way to help you fast index your website pages because usually the backlinks from these websites are crawled within hours by search engines spiders.

9- Hubpages and similar websites

Use websites like hubpages and squidoo to get dofollow backlinks from relevent pages to your website but be careful to not to include more than 2 links to your website from any single hub and to keep your author score more than 75 to keep your links dofollow which is an easy target to achieve by creating hubs with unique and quality content. other similar websites include

1- google knol

2- zimbio


10- Donot hesitate to ask for links

 Search for relevent websites and contact their webmasters directly asking politely for a link back to your website.

11- DO not forget traffic

 you have to have a different strategy for link building when it comes to driving traffic to your website. Yahoo! Answers, facebook, myspace, Google and yahoo Groups may have nofollow attributes attached but they are valuable sources for relevent traffic to your website.

12- Follow your competitors footprints

   Use Google or yahoo to Check which websites link to your competitor websites and Try to get them to link to your website as well.

13- Beware of grammer and spelling mistakes

 always make sure to have all your website content free of grammer and spelling mistakes even if you have to pay for that because it will give your website more authority making other websites more inclined to link to it.

14- Be patient

 Be patient and do not expect fast results because usually any linkbuilding effort will not start to affect your search engine ranking before 3 to 6 month after the link is crawled.

what is your preferable link building method ?

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egraveski profile image

egraveski 7 years ago

Thanks for these link building tips!

BrianS profile image

BrianS 7 years ago from Castelnaudary, France

Pretty good information on linking strategies. Be very useful for anyone trying to promote a blog or website. Another way is to go to forums that discuss your topic and add your URL to your posting signature.

abbas73 profile image

abbas73 7 years ago from hubpages Author

Thank you egraveski and BrianS for your comments, glad you liked the hub.

shanekruger 7 years ago

Thanks for sharing a useful link building techniques.

abbas73 profile image

abbas73 7 years ago from hubpages Author

thank you shail, Macky99 and shanekruger for commenting i hope you all the best in your marketing efforts.

dohn121 profile image

dohn121 7 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

Thank you for sharing this. 3 months in and I'm still learning about links.

NiceBlogger profile image

NiceBlogger 6 years ago from Romania

Nice post :) My favourite link building method is blog commenting,but also i'm using social bookmarking submission and directory submission.

K4yl4 profile image

K4yl4 6 years ago

thanks for your article, that's nice

marialorena profile image

marialorena 6 years ago

your tips are very useful! you really know what you are talking about..

d.william profile image

d.william 5 years ago from Somewhere in the south

Very interesting. Thanks for this very helpful information.

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