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Locked Out In Seattle

So you live in Seattle, Washington and you're locked out of your car, you need a key refitted, or a new security system for your office park...whatever the case may be, you need to find a locksmith you can trust. The following list consists of the top 10 locksmiths in the Seattle, WA area graded based on this guide to finding a trustworthy locksmith.

Seattle Locksmiths

Bergman’s Lock and Key Service
Whether you need a deadbolt replaced in Seattle, or a key duplicated in Auburn, Bergman services the whole state of Washington, and can be of service to you, as they have been since 1958.

Accurate Safe and Lock Company
Accurate Safe and Lock has been rocking the retail lock service and retail market since 1952 with a sparkling clean record in professionalism and customer satisfaction.

24/7 Mobile Hawk Locksmith
All Mobile Hawk’s locksmiths are bonded and insured, and ready to help you out with anything whether it be routine or emergency, residential, business, or automotive. They’ve only been around for four years, but they do it all and they do it well, and they’re always running promotions on their site.

Security Safe and Lock Inc
These guys work on everything from mortoise locks to mailboxes, but what they specialize in is safes. They’ve been in the industry sine 66’, and are truly experts in the field. Gun safes, floor safes, jewelry safes...they’ll even work with you to designed custom-tailored solutions to fit the bill. Their prices are good and their service and expertise is excellent.

Abel’s Locksmith
Abel’s services nearly all of Washington, and there isn’t a single locksmithing service that they don’t offer. Their automotive support is exceptional, covering everything from duplicating transponder keys to 30 minute emergency assistance, and their award winning service earned them Angie’s List Supper Service Award. Give them a call today, and one of their licensed professionals will give you free security consultation.

Seatown Locksmith
Seatown covers all of Seattle as well as it’s surrounding towns and cities. While they offer top-notch residential, commercial and automotive service, they specialize in emergencies - when you need them most. They’re central location and responsive 24/7 service allows them to be anywhere and on the job within 30 to 45 minutes. Founded in 2008, Seatown locksmith is relatively new to the scene and hungry for your business.

Watson Security and Renton Key Shop
These guys are masters of physical security, able to hook your home or business up with the strongest and most effective security solutions on the market; security systems, alarms, high security door and window locks, and safes. What’s most impressive about Watson Security is the pride they take in educating their customers. Their 60 year old business revolves around teaching their customers the latest in scammer tricks, and best security practices. My gun protects my family, but these are the guys I want protecting my house.

Anytime Lock and Safe
These folks have a fantastic small-town appeal that you can hardly find anywhere else. They’re employees are the friendly, professional types who you won’t mind inviting into your home. They specialize in emergency lockouts, and their nearly 40 years of experience will be their to ease your panicked mind.

Anthony’s Services Inc
Anthony’s Services provides expert help with just about any home or commercial project or repair, however, interestingly enough, they specialize in striping. Nevertheless, their service is unparalleled, and their versatility makes their phone number one you always want to have on your refrigerator.

Robblee’s Total Security Inc
Robblee’s offers total security indeed. They offer the professionalism, versatility, and resources to rival any security company in the nation. Whether you want to install a CCTV system, commercial security gates, state-of-the-art security system, or install a simple lock, Roblee’s will handle it for you, and they’ll do it promptly, professionally and affordable.

Seattle, Washington

So you're locked out of your house - at least your neighborhood is pretty.
So you're locked out of your house - at least your neighborhood is pretty.

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