The major functions of a modern office management

Office management is an integral part of general management. Office management is the planning, organizing and controlling of office work and of their performing it so as to achieve the predetermined objectives.

The word 'manage' is derived from French word ‘manege’ which means managing a horse. The dictionary meaning of the word manage is to conduct, to control or to administer.

According to Leffingwell and Robinson, `Office management is that branch of the art and science of management which is concerned with the efficient performance of office work, whenever and whatever that work is to be done.’

From the above definition, it would be clear that office managements directs the office personnel and is concerned with the planning, organizing, co-ordination, motivation and central of office work.

Since the process of office management is similar to the general process of business management, thus the office management performs functions similar to those performed by management. They have been summarized as follows:

i) Planning: Planning is the basic function of office management. It is concerned with declining in advance what is to be done and how it is to be done. To plan is to produce a scheme future action.

ii) Organizing: The function of organizing office activities refers to the certain of a structure of duties and functions of the office personnel to achieve the objectives of the enterprise. Organization thusis concerned with activity-authority relationship.

iii) Staffing: Staffing is the executives function which involves the recruitment, selection, compensating, training, promotion and reference of sub-ordinate managers. Office management also involves this process.

iv) Directing: The process of direction refers to the way an executive issues instructions to his subordinates and otherwise indicates what it is that should bedone. Direction can thus be regarded as the process of guiding and supervising subordinates.

v) Co-ordinating: It is also the function of office to establish co-ordination between employer and employee so that production may increase. Lack of co-ordination may have an adverse impact on the efficiency of management and may even prove to be cause of the failure of a business enterprise.

vi) Controlling: The managerial function of control is the measurement and correction of the performance of subordinates in order to make sure that enterprise objectives and the plans devised to attain them are accomplished.

vii) Motivating: Motivating is an extremely complex problem since it is linked with human beings. Motivation means inducing subordinates to work with zeal and gusto and cooperate for achieving the objectives of the organization.

In the above discussion it can be said that the function of office management is very wider and broader.

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shilpa 5 years ago

mention new function of modern office mgt

sunita 5 years ago

give more function

Bristi 4 years ago

processing information: data collected from various information should be processed or supplied to such departments where such infos are required to take future decisions by management. These are recorded in the shape of invoice,cast record,financial statement,and in shape of report regarding sales and market annalysis.

davy hussein 4 years ago

i thank your eraboration.

Idera(a.i) 4 years ago

Give me other function of office management

juan 4 years ago

I don`t think so

Bello Omotola Suliat 4 years ago

Thanks for inculcating more knowledge to us.

marma kubini 4 years ago

thanks for good class material

Umashankar 4 years ago

Include other function

yash 4 years ago

give more functions like budget,supervising etc.

afzal 4 years ago

thanks for this elaborate information

chinyama kapwacha 3 years ago

thanks but the functions where supposed to go into details

khatib kheir 3 years ago

thank for your eraboration.

Sesilia 3 years ago

can you please send me on how to tackle question of Administrative office management?

sushmita 3 years ago

give all information related function.

prabh 2 years ago

Thanks it is very helpful in class work.

Imasiku Mubukwanu 2 years ago

This major functions it has help me to pass my Exams....

zainabu msabaha 24 months ago

Thank for this elaborate information

Zinku Kanon 17 months ago

Office Management has two function :-

1) Managerial function and

2) Administrative function

Chris Adeka 16 months ago

congratulation for your kind consideration in elaboration on those(the office mgt funtions), it has help a lot in and for our academic excellence

vicent 10 months ago

conclusion on it sir

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