How To Make A Few Extra Dollars - 30 hubs in 30 days

I am up for the challenge!

I am a complete newbie here at Hubpages and only signed up because I wish to participate in the 30 hubs in 30 days challenge, AND I want to make a few extra dollars. One thing I had to consider before signing up, though is "Do I have the time to be able to sit down and write 30 hubs in 30 days?" and here is the answer that I came up with, "Hell Yeah! I got the time!" and I'll explain later the reason why I have so much time.

So by saying that I am a newbie here at HUB doesn't necessarily mean that I am a newbie to the world of writing articles. In fact, now is probably a good time to mention the fact that I am the author of several blogs that I write for on an almost daily basis and I also write for other websites like this one, Associated Content, Affsphere, and Squidoo. Those being a little less frequent than my blogs. So I must admit (you deserve to know) that I am a compulsive writer of articles. (A compulsive reader of them, too! lol). This particular article that you are reading now was drafted on my iphone's notepad while I was waiting for my car to be fixed. Basically, I can't go anywhere without having to write something..

Now, I mentioned earlier that I might as well take part in the '30 hubs in 30 days' challenge because I have the time. Let me explain! I (like many of you) have a full time job. I am an English Language Instructor in Japan, I am not Japanese, though. I am an Australian citizen and I moved to Japanland 11 and a half years ago for the purpose of becoming a language instructor. So, I have a full time job, but that is only a classification and means that I am entitled to receive a full time salary and all the benefits that go with it. What it doesn't mean is me having to work full time hours. In actual fact, on average I only work between 1 and 3 hours a day, 5 days a week. Pretty cool, huh! It is the easiest job I have ever had in my whole life, and the best part is, it's fun too!

Note: Just so you know, YOU too can have a job like mine. It would mean that you would have to move to Japan, but hey, Japan is a beautiful country! The only thing is, is that you will have to wait to find out HOW, because that is gonna be the subject of a future hub. Be patient!!

My immediate goal now, is to magically pull 30 hubs out of my brain (or outta my in the next 30 days. It's a pretty big challenge and I am gonna give it my best shot. Wish me luck!

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