make money selling junk online


make money selling junk

     It is easy to make extra money selling junk online, believe I know. I make an average of $200-500 dollars a week just selling junk. There are numerous ways to get the product to sell and their are numerous places to sell these items. I was surprised when I started selling online how easy it was to sell products that are broken and need repair. I actually saw more responses for stuff that was broken, compared to new or barely used items. So I decided to make it a hobby and do it in my spare time.

     First off, to find junk their are numerous places and ways to achieve this. I started by going thru my old stuff, any stuff laying around in closets, attics, and garages. I started on ebay, but ebay requires a fee and I would suggest you don't start off selling on ebay unless you have a good feeback rating already and have extra money to spend on the fee that they charge for each posting. I find that the best place to find good junk is to find out when garbage collection days are in your surrounding neighborhoods and go out around 9 pm and drive around looking for junk to sell. Also, if you post an ad to collect peoples old stuff ( you can tell them you'll clean out their basement, garage, etc.) or post ads asking for old donations and tell them that a percentage will go to a charity of your choosing (make sure you contribute if you are going this route, since charity is something that is good anyway!). You can also hit flea markets, free classifieds and pick up items people are giving away for free, and ask your friends and family for old items they don't want no more.

     Next, posting classifieds and online auction listings. I suggest you start out with craigslist and local free classifieds. They are free, and you will be surprised the amount of responses you will receive. Ebay and and sites like these work good, but you must pay a fee and if your stuff doesn't sell, your out of the fee. I do better on craigslist then anywhere else. Now post the posting.

     Some tips on postings success. First off, make a short and to the point header. If its broken, say exactly what is broken. If you want to make money quick, you need to keep stuff cheap also. I sell almost everything I find for $10-25 dollars, unless it's a really good find. Most people are looking for bargains and this is the price range that gets most response. If I find 8 good items in a night, the next day I normally sell at least 4 of them and that is an average of $80 a day. Take pictures, if you don't have a digital camera, I suggest you get one with your first sells. It is a known fact that stuff sells quicker and better with pictures. People want to see what they are trying to purchase. Also, clean stuff up as best you can before taking a picture! Just be concise and to the point, list facts about item, if you don't know something, look it up on the Internet, or say you don't know. The more facts you list, the less someone has to keep responding and asking questions about the item your selling.

     Be cautious when your going around looking thru people's trash. It is illegal in some areas and you can be fined. Don't go thru people's personal garbage (the bags) since a lot of people don't take kindly to this. Make sure to clean up the area when you're done rummaging, since this is why their are fines now in some areas since people are leaving a big mess. Make sure to park in the clear with your lights on, so you don't look like a burglar. Be wary that some people don't want you messing with their garbage, so use common sense and if you see someone around, just ask them, most of the times they will be happy to give you something that you can use.

     Some items that I know to sell good: Bicycles (especially BMX stuff), all electronics, coffee tables, retro lamps, all 80's stuff like old skateboards, Rubik's cube, slinky, cabbage patch dolls, etc. This stuff sells for top dollar and I would sell it on ebay. Boomboxes sell well right now, tools and craftsman tool boxes, bag less vacuum cleaners, computers and accessories, and lots more! Also if you find aluminum and copper or other scrap you can take it to your local scrap yard after a nice little pile and get cash for this! Call your local scrap yard for various prices since they fluctuate all the time!

    In the end, I hope you do well like I do. It is fun to find stuff, since you never know what you will find when you go out on treasure hunts. Then it is exciting to get responses and meet lots of people. You never know what your going to find or how much something is worth! A lot of people seem to throw out new stuff and barely used stuff when they are spring cleaning or redoing a room or home and you can find lots of bargain material to sell!

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Randy Godwin profile image

Randy Godwin 6 years ago from Southern Georgia

The old "one mans trash" axiom apparently still holds true today, Brandon!

iluvceleb 6 years ago

It's really difficult to sell some products online for me but I have to agree that some people prefer shopping (like ebay etc.) online for convenience

Brandy 6 years ago

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Luis Hodge 5 years ago

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Police 4 years ago


MrBWest 4 years ago

I'm very fortunate, I know a man who drives a trash truck, so he can tell me where the neighborhoods are. But why 9 pm? Why not go in the daylight? I don't go through trash cans or bags, but if I see something beside it I will use it.

roberth 4 years ago


asasa 4 years ago

oppa gangnam style...........

Mack 3 years ago

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