Five Important Points While Preparing Your Resume

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Attending interview and preparing resume

Preparing your resume involves many fine points to be taken care of for ensuring your success in the interview
Preparing your resume involves many fine points to be taken care of for ensuring your success in the interview | Source

Important points while preparing a resume

Five fine points while preparing your resume

Many candidates preparing their resume or bio-data or CV present so many unnecessary things and leave out the vital things like a bikini clad. A bikini clad reveals plenty, but it conceals the vital. The unnecessary things presented in the resume not only irritate the interviewer but also raises questions about the suitability of the candidate for the job. The absence of relevant details will ensure non-selection of the candidate. I have touched five important points that need to be taken into account while preparing a good resume. By no means are these points exhaustive.

Focus on the objective

1. Objective should be up focussed and up to the point. If you are applying for a software job, ensure that your resume focuses on your plus points on software. For example, you can include about the projects that you have completed and your experiences with any software company.

Don’t mention about your parents

2. The only personal information you need to provide is your name, address, contact numbers and email id. Recruiters don't have any interest in knowing who your parents are. Also date of birth is not necessary. That type of information may be asked to be provided in a formal application process or after an offer is made. It shouldn't be in the resume. In earlier days, candidates used to mention about their parents’ names and even their occupations. In those days, companies selected candidates, taking into account their family background. But now-d-days, with single parents increasing, these details are found to be unnecessary and intruding into the candidates’ privacy.

Who is bothered about what you did in your seventh standard?

3. Your high school credentials are irrelevant. Who bothers about a certificate you got for participating in an essay competition when you were studying seventh standard? You yourself would have forgotten about it. You can keep these certificates in a folder to show it to your children and grandchildren later when you enjoy leisurely life after retirement. But not now when you are preparing yourself for a busy career in which twenty four hours is not sufficient.

Don’t talk nonsense and mention your hobbies and interests

4. Hobbies are irrelevant and could hurt you more than help your case. For example if you mention that you comment about sports, well, if you are an official commentator in BBC or some other media then it may be worth mentioning. Otherwise keep that information to yourself. Who is bothered whether you love solving crossword puzzles or not? Keep these stories to be narrated to your grandchildren later. Do not waste the interviewer’s time with this nonsense.

Present yourself as a team man

5. I think it may be a nice idea to talk about the team effort in your project which will send a positive signal to your potential employers. It is the team effort that takes an organisation or a team to higher levels. Individual brilliance is all okay. But if it is blended with team work, the organisation will shine. The interview committee is interested to know whether you are a team man or not. A team man will give credit to other members of his team and will not try to grab all credit to himself. If your resume states the collaboration of others in your project work, it will attract attention.

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Usha 5 years ago

This is a sensible article.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 5 years ago from India Author

Thank you

Chandrasekaran Malleswaram 5 years ago

Good Tips.

The inclusion of team efforts in a CV will put the candidate in a very positive light.That's a fab point.

The points on what not to mention - the high school achievements,hobbies,names of parents- a good pointer.

Gans (a.k.a.Ganesh) 4 years ago

The language could have been better. For instance, an example of a bikini clad isn't needed and may serve as an unnecessary distraction to the young readers.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Let the youngsters enjoy! What is a distraction for the aged is an enjoyment for the youth!

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