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ounded in 1924 when its flagship newspaper Hindustan Times was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi, HT Media (BSE, NSE) has today become one of India's largest media companies. With a combined daily circulation of 2.25 million copies and a readership base of 14.49 million readers, Hindustan Times (English) and Hindustan (Hindi) enjoy strong brand recognition among readers and advertisers, and are produced by an editorial team known for its quality, innovation and integrity.
HT Media operates 17 printing facilities across India with an installed capacity of 1.5 million copies per hour. HT’s internet business, under the portal, is primarily a news website with 2 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month, with a significant share of the traffic coming from outside India.


As part of its expansion into electronic media, HT Media, through its subsidiary HT Music and Entertainment Company Ltd., has entered the FM radio market in key Indian cities through a consulting partnership with Virgin Radio. The channel, Fever 104, is one of the most vibrant on the airwaves and is currently available in Delhi and Mumbai.


HT Media has also launched a national business newspaper, Mint, with an exclusive agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal branded news and information in India.HT Media reported 2007 annual revenue of $245 million. For the fiscal third quarter ended December 31, 2007, the company reported a 13% increase in revenue to $82 million and a 10% increase of profit after tax (PAT) to $9 million from the year-ago quarter. More than 80% of profit they earn from classified section.



HT Media Limited is a major player in the print media in India. As per ABC it has a leadership position in the English newspaper market in North India and the second position in the Hindi newspaper market in the North and East. The group now intends to consolidate itself as a vibrant and modern media powerhouse through strategic partnerships, ever-increasing scope of operations and a consumer focused approach.


Hindustan Times, the flagship publication from the group, was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1924 and has established its presence as a newspaper with editorial excellence and integrity. Today, Hindustan Times has a circulation of over 1.2 million and is the fastest growing mainline English newspaper in terms of readership. Hindustan Times, Delhi, is India’s largest single-edition daily.


In July 2005, Hindustan Times made a successful entry into the commercial capital of India – Mumbai.


Hindustan, the Hindi daily from HT Media, is one of the leading Hindi dailies in the country with a readership in excess of 10 million. This makes it the fourth largest read daily in India.


The group's news portal, with over 2 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month, is one of the largest news portals in the country.


It has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 news sites in the world by Forbes and offers in-depth coverage and analyses to its users.


As part of its aggressive growth strategy and endeavors to build a robust Internet business, HT Media has launched Firefly e-ventures, recognizing the importance of Internet as the most important media vehicle of the future. Recently Firefly has acquired a social networking site –, and has launched its first portal - – to establish its presence in the Internet space. The first office of HT was near Old Delhi Railway Station. In June, 1974, HT shifted its operations to the current premises; the sprawling HT-House on Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Presently HT print media company has printing facilities at 9 locations across the country.



The competitors at the beginning were ‘The Tribune’, ‘The Civil’ and ‘Military Gazette’. Tribune was selling each copy at 9.6 paisa and HT started with 1anna per copy. The newspaper was launched in Delhi after Lahore and Amritsar were considered and rejected as the publication destinations.


Delhi was soon afterwards declared as the Capital of India, which in hindsight proved to be a boon for the newspaper to flourish. The entire editorial staff at that time consisted just of 12 journalists.


Krishna Das Kohli, member of Non-Cooperation movement and J.N.Sahni, who had done his Masters in Journalism from the Michigan University, joined HT as editors in 1926.


The newspapers at that time used to follow the practice of the Times of London of advertising on the front page. However, Sahni put the news with bold headlines on the front page, breaking away from the bigger herd and creating a trend for other newspapers to emulate.






eadership through Quality and Innovation is the hallmark of the Hindustan Times Limited. The organization has been a major force for over eight decades in the print media. For its millions of readers, Hindustan Times has been the newspaper that has been wakening them up for decades.


Before independence, the primary objective of the organization was to oppose British rule in all respects and to enlighten people to achieve political as well as social independence. The deep-rooted objective has always been to provide maximum access to true and impartial news.


Presently HT also provides a massive platform to the advertisers. Boasting of a glorious past and outstanding performance in the print media, HT has captured the reign in the field of advertising with its multitudinal editions giving a plethora of choice and accessibility to the advertisers as well as the readers.


The company has carved a niche for itself in the print media, standing firm on its principle of never to compromise Quality for Quantity. However, it faces strong competition.
















Hindustan Timeshas editions from Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi and Kolkata, thus dominating most of the country. Hindustan Times is printed in nine centres including Bhopal, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna and Ranchi. Its Delhi edition continues to be the largest-circulated English daily in the country, with a readership of over 1.2 million.Hindustan Times believes in continuous improvement and providing greater value to its readers and advertisers. It has set many a standards for its competitors and will continue to do so in the years to come.


In its endeavor to provide its readers with greater value, Hindustan Times has revamped its existing supplements and added new ones to its portfolio, offering a daily supplement catering to specific target audience. Supplements like Brunch the idea of Mr. Vir Sanghavi are the first of their kind. The enlarged operations and enhanced look have also paid off with a substantial increase in circulation across the country.







A part of HT Media Ltd., the group's Hindi newspaper Hindustan ranks as the 4th largest read daily in the country. Hindustan is the 3rd most-read newspaper among Hindi dailies, with a readership of 10.5 million. (National Readership Survey 2005).


Edited by Ms Mrinal Pande, a noted journalist, academician and writer, Hindustan is known for its fair, unbiased and secular news reporting and analyses. The width and depth of Hindustan's editorial, including the newspaper's acclaimed supplements, is quite unparalleled in the Hindi language newspaper market.


Hindustan is also the first and only vernacular newspaper to go all-color in Delhi and other key markets. This has given Hindustan an un-paralleled edge over competition.


The newspaper has four editions namely Delhi, Lucknow, Patna and Ranchi and nine print locations namely, Delhi, Lucknow, Varanasi, Patna, Muzzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, Ranchi, Dhanbad and Jamshedpur catering to the reading habits of a cross- section of audiences in varying age groups.



Hindustan is expanding rapidly in the state of Uttar Pradesh, which is the largest Hindi newspaper market, and where Hindustan was already the fastest growing Hindi daily. Three new editions have been launched (in Meerut, Agra, and Kanpur) in 2006, giving a further boost to its growth and reach within the state.


Hindustan dominates in Bihar with an undisputed readership of over 6 million. Its reader base is twice the size of its nearest competitor in the Hindi daily market of Bihar and Jharkhand (NRS 2003 vs. 2005).



With some very exciting expansion plans already underway, Hindustan is all set to become the leading Hindi newspaper in the country.


Currently, the Delhi edition of Hindustan is also available online in e-paper format.







HT NEXThas everything that the youth ever wanted in a newspaper: sports news (great stories for English Premier League and Formula 1 nuts), nuggets on celebs (yes, even more colourful than Laloo Yadav), global and local news - in other words, Your world (which, incidentally, is Our version of the world too).NEXT was basically launched for the school children’s to enhance their knowledge.


There is even a political digest - Day In Politics- for those who want to go beyond the simpler, lighter matter, and seek to know which way the times are moving. Delhi, India and World are your dedicated pages for all the news that matters.


Check out the daily science and nature section, Life, The Universe and Everything, or JLT for what's in these days.


In case you are bitten by the writing bug, HT Next has the space and readership. Participate in daily debates if you like to lock horns on current affairs, post a message on Plug In if you wish to connect or simply dash off an original poem for My Space, if you have it in you.





Kadambini is a monthly Hindi magazine published by HT Media Ltd. with a long and celebrated history of 44 years. It is a one-of-its-own-kind socio-cultural-literary magazine, which has survived the demise of many other Hindi magazines in the genre.


Its first Editor was Late Shri Balkrishna Rao, a prominent Hindi writer. He was followed by Late Shri Ramanand Doshi, who was also a well-known literary figure, and during whose tenure Kadambini touched new heights.


Its third Editor Shri Rajendra Awasthy was also a known literary figure. Mrs Mrinal Pande took charge as Editor in February 2003. Mrs Pande is a well-known and respected journalist and literary figure in Hindi, as well as English. Associate Editor Shri Vishnu Nagar is also a well-known figure in Hindi journalism and literature.


Under Mrs Pande's able guidance and Associate Editor Shri Vishnu Nagar's leadership, Kadambini has scaled new heights of quality, readability and scientific approach.



It is the only Hindi magazine which covers a wide range of subjects including literature, science, history, sociology, politics, films and sports with sincerity and popular appeal.



Its every issue becomes a special issue as it focuses in-depth on one important and popular concern apart from its various regular features. It always prefers quality and readability over cheap, popular taste. Its new approach is widely appreciated by common readers as well as the enlightened sections of society. The magazine has created a new space for itself while retaining its old base. It is the only Hindi magazine, which guarantees that it will not compromise on family values.




Nandan a HT Media children's magazine is 40 years old now. It has been very popular among children and their families in India and abroad.


The magazine was started in November 1964 in the memory of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, with its first issue being dedicated to the late Prime Minister.


Nandan triumphs over its contemporaries because its stories are a combination of the best in both our traditional and modern cultural ethos. Nandan believes in shaping the mind and behavior of our children in a positive way, and to challenge their minds by exposing them to new ideas for the world of science and technology.


From its very inception, Nandan has been privileged to publish the stories, memoirs, excerpts, biographies and poems of many of the greats from the fields ofliterature and politics, some of whom are Dr Rajendra Prasad, Indira Gandhi, Gyani Zail Singh, V P Singh, Atal Bihari Vajpayee, A P J Abdul Kalam, Bhartendu




Harishchandra, Premchand, Jaishankar Prasad, Bibhuti Bhushan Bandhopadhyaya, Mohan Rakesh, Kamleshwar, Amritlal Nagar, Ramdhari Singh Dinkar, Satyajit Ray, Bhishm Sahni, Ashapurna Devi, Vishnu Prabhakar, Harivansh Rai Bacchan, Shivani, Rajendra Yadav, Khushwant Singh, Krishna Sobti, Manohar Shyam Joshi, Mannu Bhandari, Mrinal pande, Mridula Garg, Taslima Nasrin, Jayant Vishnu Narlikar, Ramesh Dutt Sharma and Kuldeep Sharma.


Nandan has published more than ten thousand stories, three thousand poems, and thousands of other creative pieces during these 40 years. It includes more than 400 world classics for children.


Nandan has been conducting story-writing, painting, poetry and crossword contests regularly, which has encouraged lot of interest among children and helped to develop their creativity.


Nandan gets more than 5000 responses monthly from all over India and abroad, which is in itself a record.




A comprehensive website, builds on the stories carried in the newspaper and is updated several times a day with breaking news and exclusive coverage by its independent editorial staff. It carries along the legacy of bringing to its readers credible and authentic news coverage, information and lifestyle content, columns, multimedia content, interactive features and exclusives on entertainment, fashion and lifestyle.
Ranked amongst the top 10 international news sites by Forbes, is today one of the most popular port of call for news and infotainment content seekers on the Web. is also the first newspaper website in India to have an edition outside its country of origin.Averaging over 50 million page views a month and 2 million unique visitors and average time spent on the site in excess of 20minutes, is today a leader in the online news space.


It brings to its loyal and discerning audience, exclusive, high-caliber content along with in-depth reportage that allows its surfers to follow a story in depth. Its content is enriched by virtue of it being part of the Hindustan Times group.
The site also provides sections written by popular columnists, along with in-depth web exclusives on politics, business, new economy, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle apart from interactive features like celebrity chats, business tools, discussion forums etc.


Its exclusive properties include HT, Asia's first on the Web and, a popular destination for cricketing bytes.

 is the next big portal for a not-so-old audience from It has the complete print edition of HT NEXT available online.


In addition to the print content, also has two sections 'Trendy Teens'and 'Juniors' in order to cater to specific segments of the youth. 'Trendy Teens' has sub-sections such as career tips, space trek, e-humour, mixed bag and fight it out. 'Juniors' has sections such as summer camps, around the world and other sections that are targeted to audiences below the age of 12. also has a number of interactive components such as 'My Space' where surfers can submit their contributions, 'Ask the Expert' where clinical psychologist



Seema Sharma helps solve the problems of the youth, 'Netpals' an online version of pen pals and a daily opinion poll.Many more interactive features are regularly added to Shortly, there shall be a contest zone which would have around 15 contests at a time and updated regularly, where participants stand a chance to win attractive prizes.




The 4th largest read daily, Hindustan, is available with all the latest news in Hindi on the Internet.


The website is loaded with state of the art technology and it showcases content using an extremely intuitive and user-friendly navigation.In addition to the above functionalities, provides its surfers the facility to customize news content according to their interests, which is a unique facility provided by the provides a wide variety of news from national to international, from business to sports to cinema, all in Hindi.



The website also has archives through which surfers can access previous stories. Surfers can post their opinions for the world to read and also vote on the opinion polls conducted on the web site.












A premium and exclusive event, the Luxury Conference is part of HT Media’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence and to catalyse the growth of the luxury market in India.




This summit-level conference is scheduled to be held on October 12-13, 2007 in New Delhi. The theme this year is "Imagine The India That Can Be". To read about the Summit of October 2007,




(As per the data gathered from the research)




ü HT dominates the PROPERTY segment


ü It was also inferred that customers were more satisfied by the services of HT than TOI.




ü Continuous increase in Ads Rates.


ü Main focus on only English Ads.




ü To become No1 Hindi daily.


ü To capture South Indian Classified Market.




ü Not only HT but also the whole Indian print media have threat from the NEWYORK TIMES who planning to explore the Indian print media.


2.1 Introduction to media marketing




he media-marketing department is a group of skillful, experienced and adroit people who have the responsibility to convince the clients (the AD Agencies and the Companies) to put Ads in their paper.



The media-marketing people have to undertake a number of surveys and analysis to find the perfect way for their clients to reach their respective target customers or segments. Media-marketing people, after doing various kinds of surveys, derive premises and explain the clients about the benefits of putting ads in their paper.


It’s a very challenging job and the whole media-marketing department is divided into different sections to work adroitly.


Following are the tasks performed by the Media-Marketing department:


ü Searching clients


ü eting clients222.1


ü Convincing clients


ü Detailed surveys and analysis of the target markets


ü Satisfying the client’s needs











These people have an in-depth understanding of various facets of Market-Behavior such as:


ü The readership of their own newspaper and of the other players in the market.


ü Identification of that segment of readers who are the actual target for the product to be advertised


ü The extent of benefit reaped by the clients by putting their commercials in the newspaper.


ü The most momentous task of the media- marketing people is to maintain cordial and symbiotic relationship with the clients so as to expand the loyal customer base of the organization.





The clients who approach HT for placing their advertisements can be broadly classified as:


ü Agencies


ü Direct Clients


ü Government Clients


ü Associates (QBC’s)




Agencies refer to the advertising agencies, which book the Ads on behalf of their clients. eg: Lintas, J.Walter Thompson, Mudra Communications etc. These advertising Agencies are further classified as:







Accredition to the agencies is granted by INS (Indian Newspaper Society) upon the fulfillment of certain pre-decided criteria.


The implication of being granted an Accredition is that Accredited Agencies are allowed a 60-days Credit period for making the payments of the published Ads ( i.e., payable on the last day of the 2 months granted).


Non-Accredited Agencies are required to pay the entire amount in advance. All agencies* receive a 15% commission, which is a sort of incentive for zeroing in on HT for publishing their Ads.


Before an Agency is granted Full Accredition, it has to get Provisional Accredition. Thereafter upon fulfillment of all stipulated conditions, the agency is granted full accredition by INS.


{Agencies*: It includes Accredited agencies and those non-accredited agencies which are outside Delhi or which achieve a target of Rs.2 lacs within the first year of their operation in Delhi/NCR region.}









Some other terminologies pertinent to this topic are-


DISACCREDITION NOTICE-It is served to the Accredited agencies, owing to non-payment of bills or non-performance of stipulated INS conditions. They are provided with a time frame to meet up their deficiencies.


DISACCREDITION NOTICE SERVED- The DN Agencies, which fail to make up for the deficiencies, after the expiry of the time frame, are disaccredited, i.e. they are banned.


Direct Clients:


It refers to those clients who approach HT to publish their advertisements directly, without any Ad agency being the intermediary. The charges for advertising are same whether clients are coming direct or through agency.


Government Clients:


The Government Ads are not charged according to the card/slab rates. They are given DAVP rates(which are subsided rates).DAVP(Directorate of Audio-Visual Publicity) is an agency which routes government ads. DAVP, being an agency is also entitled to a 15% commission.


It refers to Business associates of HT, which bring in clients to them. i.e QBC’s (Quick Booking Centers).





The Ads that published are basically of 2 types:


ü Classifieds


ü Display




These are the ads which are advertised in maximum number. The peculiar thing that make classified Ads different from Display Ads is that under a single heading only that type of Ad will be published.


Classified Ads are of mainly 3 types:


ü ROL-Run on Line


ü ROD-Run on Display


ü Classified Display


The above classified Ads are classified into these headings.


v MATRIMONIALS- The subheadings under this are:


1. By Profession -Advocates, Doctors, Businessmen, NRI, I.A.S, MBA, Defense etc.


2. By religion/caste/community-Agarwal, Arora, Brahmin, Bengali, Christian, Jat, Marathi, Kashmiri etc.



v PROPERTY/TO LET- These are Ads related to Sale, Purchase and Renting of properties.



v SITUATION VACANT- These are classifieds ads related to employment, situations empty in various organizations and their requirements. E.g.: Academic, Account/Finance, Advertising, Marketing, Sales, Architect, Call Center, Engineers, Hotel/Restaurant, Medical etc.


v MISCELLANEOUS- In this various types of ads published are:


i. Retail


ii. Business


a) Paying Guest


b) Estate Agent


c) Farm House



iii. Miscellaneous:




b) For Sale


c) Obituary


d) Greetings


e)Public Notice


f) Lost and Found



iii. Motor Vehicles-These classified Ads are related to sale of different brands of motor vehicles in different conditions:


a) Maruti Suzuki


b) Honda


c) Hyundai


d) Ford


e) Tata etc.






Its classified-matter enclosed within a box, having a logo and is accepted on the basis of cm. They basically fall under the category of classifieds only.





The ads that occupy the positions other than the classifieds. These Ads can be published anywhere in the paper according to the specification and availability of space.


Further sub-classification of display-ads:


ü Product


ü Tender


ü Entertainment


ü Educational




ü Obituary




ü This project is more of a qualitative study than a quantitative study.


ü A questionnaire was designed to know the preferences of advertisers while choosing a newspaper for placing ads.


ü The qualitative analysis of this project is mainly based on first hand observation of the market, the way it functions and structured conversation with advertisers.




The only purpose of this study is to identify factors, which determine the choice of publications of classified advertiser, which helps Media department to formulate strategies to give strong competition. So that they can make pressure on their competitors which makes them unstable.





ü Secondary Data


ü Primary Data




ü The data collected in this study purely primary.


ü The data collection method for this project begins with finding a sample of the population. The population for this project was the walk-in-customer of HT & TOI.


ü The instrument for data collection was a structured questionnaire targeted towards walk-in-customers. This questionnaire was designed to know the preferences of the walk-in-customers.


ü There was no set pattern to select a sample. It was selected on random basis. 95 advertisers were observed; out of this 18 were rejected.


ü The mode of communication was informal and friendly, which does not limit discussion within a well-defined boundary. Informal and friendly conversation was done to allows free flow of thoughts and ideas from the respondents.





ü Samples have been collected only from the HT & TOI walk-in-counters in Delhi.


ü Only walk-in-Customers are included in this project.


ü Agency advertisers are excluded from this project.


ü Care should be taken to generalize the findings to entire segment as the sample size is small.











































































































































































































v The bulk of advertisements for both HT & TOI comprised of MATRIMONIAL and PROPERTY. The two possible reasons could be the major stakes involved i.e.. emotional and monetary respectively.


v HT dominated the PROPERTY segment.


v TOI’s MATRIMONIAL segment was preferred for its word of mouth advice whereas HT drew in respondents owing to its trust and goodwill.


v An interesting trend observed was that MATRIMONIAL advertisers opted for a combination of publications (HT+TOI) to avail maximum response.


v The contribution of LOST and NAME CHANGE to the stock of advertisements was the least owing to their once and non recurring nature as well as a lesser stake involved.


v It was also inferred that customers were more satisfied by the services of HT than TOI.


v Word of mouth , reading habits of self and past experience w.r.t. response generated and customer handling are important criteria in the decision making process.


v The importance of accessibility of booking counter was emphasized repeatedly. To an extent, ease of booking of ad was another important factor.


v Customers today are well informed and try to keep themselves abreast of readership & circulation data. The print quality plays an important role in the selection of newspaper.


v What is striking is the importance of factors other than pricing of the ad which seem to rule the decision making exercise.



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