Promotional Girl Jobs - Major Beverage Companies Are Hiring Sexy Aspiring Models

Become a Beverage Promotional Model

Promotional models are having the time of their lives dressing sexy, going to bars and flirting with young guys. They become the center of attention when they enter a bar, special event or VIP party. People are lined up waiting to take pictures with them.

Guys that are shy get extremely excited when beer girls enter a bar because they are going to experience first hand what it feels like to get approached by a hot girl courtesy of their soon to be favorite beer.

I have hired hundreds of promotional models and promoted beverages for over 10 years. I have worked on every coast and promoted various beverages.

Having young aspiring models come up to me begging to become a beverage promotional model has opened my eyes to how great it is to become a promotional model and also how difficult most girls are having just to get started.

Promotional models that can make anywhere from $15 up to $40 per hour. Miller lite girls are making around $30 per hour and they get to go to special events, concerts, football games and they get to meet celebrities, professional athletes and owners of sports teams.

Bacardi Travel Bus

Want to travel with the bacardi girls?
Want to travel with the bacardi girls?

How would you like to Travel with your Friends?

Bacardi and other major beverage companies travel around the country with and stop at some of the hottest spots promoting their beverages. They are also generous enough to pay you a lot of money to have the time of your life.

Promotional modeling for beverage companies is not just a wonderful job, it is life altering. I can say that because I have seen some of my models build their confidence to a whole notha level...

Working for Major Companies like Miller lite, Coors Light, Monster Energy Drink and Red Bull will not only make you feel like a hot exclusive chick, it will allow you to offer your friends and family some cool promotional items and free beverages.

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Sexy Bacardi Promotional Models


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sandyf profile image

sandyf 6 years ago

I would love to be a promotional model for all these great beverages.

maitseo 6 years ago


Justina 6 years ago

I would like to learn more about promotional modeling opportunities

Mary  6 years ago

I would love to become a part of this business! Is there a way that I can get involved?

Brittany  6 years ago

I really need a job and would love to be a Promo Girl!

Alma arellano 6 years ago

I would love to have the opportunity to become a promotional model! is there a way to become part of the family?

Erika 6 years ago

I would love to be part of your team...

Chantelle 5 years ago

Is there anything like this in Australia?

Ebany 5 years ago

Hi! I lost your email address to send my pictures to! Can you please send them to me again or add me on facebook so i can send you them? Thank you! Ebany Goddard

Rae-lyn 5 years ago

Would really like to be a promotional model

GRAYCEY 5 years ago

i would love to become part of your team as a promo girl how do i go as 4 applying.? email me please

Chloe Munford 5 years ago

I would absolutely love to do this please email me on how to apply

Amberleigh 5 years ago

Would love to work as a promo model, and know I can. Please email me at

Heather Johnson 5 years ago

i would love love to have the oppertunity to work as a promo model. it would be a blessing!

Cori Lynn 5 years ago

I would love more information on working, if you're interested in working with me please email me at Thank you for your time!

Hannah Sams 5 years ago

I would love to be a promo model! sounds perfect for me! please email me with information on how to get started


richard denny 5 years ago

i am a freelance photographer and would like information regarding how to be a promo model i have a female model that is interested

Dayana Amador profile image

Dayana Amador 5 years ago

Does someone know of companies currently hiring? I'm interested in becoming a promotional model.. :)

Danielle C. 4 years ago

Hey there I am very interested in auditioning for this! Im currently in San Diego, CA. Please E-mail me and let me know what i can do to get started!

Belle 4 years ago

I love to endorse some products and to be a promotional girl ;) i am ready and available

carol sharkey 4 years ago

would love to do this job please contact me at

vijay 4 years ago

how can i aply im from davao.

liezyl 4 years ago

would love to be one of promotional model and i had many experience about sales.. heres my email ad

setcaulpsealt 3 years ago

I employed to acquire on top of lifetime however these days I've truly built up a new resistance.

Futamarka 3 years ago

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Sabrina 3 years ago

Contact me if any opportunities pop up

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