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What are QR codes?

These Quick Response or QR codes are 2D matrix bar codes used for the purpose of information storage. QR codes originated in Japan in the late 1990s mainly for the purpose of merchandise tracking but years later developed as a marketing tool. They can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters worth of information plus the ability to instantly access them. These codes work by simply scanning them with QR readers installed through a mobile device. QR readers are free of use and can be easily downloaded through the web.

And what are its applications in marketing?

QR code applications for business marketing are very diverse. QR codes may contain all the information your current or even potential customers might need. It can possess contact details, event and promotion offerings, and possibly even how-to details through website links. They are very flexible in terms of advertising as they can be placed anywhere. They can be incorporated in banners and printed advertisements, magazines and newsletters, stadium seats and benches, even on public utilities and parks. Literally any location strategically fit for your marketing campaign. Proper integration is the key, as its potential is only limited by your imagination and creativity.

An example of the use of QR codes for business is for social web marketing. Used as a tool to share website links to fan pages and micro-blogs like Facebook and Twitter, it can eventually create and expand an online community of costumers. Social networking platforms can be effectively used to keep customers aware and updated over the latest on your business. Overall it improves customer satisfaction and experience.

Free access and many available sharing and data transfer methods are considered the foundation of viral marketing. Amazingly, QR codes do possess these traits. Used as tools for this type of marketing like referral coupons, they can encourage users to bring new potential customers for you. The rule is to encourage more sharing, possibly through their mobile devices and QR codes.

To top off its marketing benefits, QR codes are generally cost-effective and can be used for mass marketing campaigns. The convenience it offers to both marketers and customers alike makes it a very ideal marketing choice.

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TTC12 profile image

TTC12 5 years ago

Enjoyed reading this. I just started to put QR codes on all our company ads to measure our success with them. Looking forward to see if it works.

cepheid profile image

cepheid 5 years ago from Estonia Author

I'm glad you liked it. Hopefully it should, good luck on your efforts. :)

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