Request for a Salary Increase

Request for a Salary Increase

When you work at a company and if you work hard it may come the time to ask for a raise in your monthly paycheck, often you may be overworking long hours after everyone else have gone home.

If this is your situation it may be your time to ask for a salary raise, for asking such a raise you have to talk to your boss and find him in a good mood so he takes your appeal in consideration.

In this article we describe some tips that you can apply so your request may succeed, when it comes to money and increase in salary, in this case, all the advice you can take is always good, seek the best time to talk to your boss, show him the work you have developed and that you are valuable for the company are some of the tips, keep reading this article and good luck.

1. Show the work you have done

Before asking for a raise you must show that you deserve it, and above all reflect on the work that you have been developing deserves to be rewarded. It is not enough to show you work efficiently a month or two before asking for a raise, and you should only ask if you have the merits, otherwise you will most likely take a big NO. Work smoothly and efficiently so that your boss be pleased with your work.

2. Avoid the Friday

Do not ask for a raise in a Friday! On the last day of the week the working human minds are psychological changed with the imminent arrival of the weekend, and more certain is that these physiological changes lead your boss to not give any interest or decline your request on time. Be smart and be aware of the right moments to speak with your boss, and what are the times when he is in a good mood, so that the decision is the best for you.

3. Avoid talking about personal problems

Very often employees are requesting an increase to the employer for reasons of personal financial need, a huge mistake that will only work with certain types of employers, who have a special relationship with the workers and are concerned above all with their well being. But either way it's always a mistake to rely on matters of personal matter when asking for a raise in salary. Personal issues should not be brought to the job, and your increase in salary has to be in terms of what work you regularly do and not A, B or C that has to be solved at home.

4. Talk about the objectives you have achieved

When asking for a raise to your boss do not forget to invoke the work you have done and the objectives you have achieved since you join the company, talking about the good and not the bad is obvious, so your boss at least be led to believe that you should or should not have a raise.

5. Refer revenue growth

If this is the case, always speak the fact that the company is growing, the level of orders is high or the fact that the company have risen in recent times. This may justify your higher wage. If the company is not stable this is halfway to your raise to be secondary.

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