Rolling and Industrial Ladders

Industrial ladder
Industrial ladder

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Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are the ones commonly used for factories, storage docks, and warehouses, hence it's often interchangeably named as an industrial ladder. It's pretty much mobile and comes in different makes and sizes, being the most common for the former aluminum or steel. Some even have special compartments that allow storage and picking done at the same time, like a stock picking ladder which even possess shelves built into it.

Different makes are used for different purposes, like stainless steel is used primarily for wash down and food service applications. Steel on the other hand is bulkier and more robust, hence steel rolling ladders are often used in heavy industries.

Also, rolling ladders vary in their slopes. Those less inclined are known as a stairway ladder. One advantage of less inclined ladders is that they tend to occupy larger space than those of their more inclined counterparts.

Rolling Ladders Vs Other Ladder Types

Rolling ladders are often seen better than their conventional counterparts. However, like with any other things they still have disadvantages. Listed below are some of its pros and cons, as this may help you on choosing what kind of a ladder you'll want to take.


  • They are more mobile, and safer to use. Conventional ladders often have smaller weight limitations than the rolling ones. This is primarily due to the fact that conventional ladders rely on their rubber stand to hold its ground. Once busted, which can happen when in due time, it'll be pretty dangerous to use. Also, the wheels allow better mobility than the conventional ones.
  • Rolling ladders are often customized. Some ladders have shelves for you to put tools and hold things off for a while. Some even have storage chests.
  • They are more suitable for heavy lifting. Huge and heavy stuff are easier lifted by these, saving you the effort and sweat.


  • Rolling ladders take up more space in use. And this fact likely limits its serviceability to its users. For narrow spaces, you'll need a smaller ladder where in turn a conventional ladder can be used readily.
  • Industrial ladders are more difficult to store. Conventional ladders are more portable, and hence they are easier to store. Some ladders can be even folded and stored in a compact space, whilst an industrial ladder would require a huge room.
  • Industrial ladders would take up two persons for maximum efficiency. Basically, two people are needed for it to be efficient. One remains at top while the other pushes it and gives what the man on top needs.

Rolling ladder in action
Rolling ladder in action

So Which One Should I Choose?

Actually, the answer to this question is that it depends hugely on the application you would want it. Of course other factors still weigh in like budget and preference, but in the end it all boils down to the purpose. A conventional ladder would suffice to most, but a rolling ladder is better for industrial or commercial purposes.

Many hardware and specialty stores offer these, and so it'll be easy if ever you wanted to get your business one of 'em.

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