The story of a snail and a moth

In a beautiful clear sky night, there was a snail carrying his own heavy shell walking slowly and steadily ahead towards his destination. There came a moth flew into the snail’s path and asked him, “Brother Snail, why are you still walking so late in the night? Rushing to any place?”

“The weather is too hot, I can’t sleep. Thought of just have a stroll to catch some breeze.” The snail replied. “Why are you walking so slow? Look at me, my speed is so much faster than you.” The moth proudly said.

“This is exactly my strength. I normally behave steady where I do not run around without any objective. I have clear objective and works steps by steps to achieve it. Every step that I produced from the road makes me clear on my path and will never loss in my way.” said proudly by the snail.

After listened to what the snail said, the moth had a silent thought for a moment and said, “I am different. I will go to any place where it has light. If I notice any place with bright light, I will fly in full speed towards that direction. Light seeking is my greatest strength; I think I will never change my very own unique character for my whole life.”

While they were talking, there was a bunch of fire burning not far from their path. The moth looked at the light release from the fire and shouted, “I see the light! I see the light! This is my destiny!” and flew towards the fire in full speed. Of course, the moth was burned to death in just a second without leaving anything behind.

The snail watched the whole episode and laughed loudly, “Talked to me so proudly for the whole night, apparently this guy is a crazy fellow who likes to burn himself to death under the fire. What a joke for the night!” The snail laughed whole heartedly.

On the same moment not long later, there came a cock which had been following the snail’s path for some time, appeared and ate the snail in no time.

Both snail and moth were having the same unique characters which like to boast themselves. But the main fatal point of their boast is that they do not know the strength that they recognized was actually their weakest point or their weakness. They thought that was their strength but in fact they are exposing their weakness to others.

The above story in fact happens in our world very often. We, human being naturally like to boast our own ego. This is probably a behavior to show one’s capability to the others. But if we are to do that, make sure we show our true strength rather than our weakness. If one’s does not pose correctly your own position in a field, we will likely glaring your own weakness to the public without any awareness and thus will lead you into great trouble ahead.

One of the examples is leadership skills. Some managers or entrepreneurs like to claim that their staff or employees are very obedient. Their staffs do not refuse any request and follow their order even though they might not like it. In another words to say, they feel proud on their leadership style even though they know there are dissatisfied workers around, they still could command and control the work force.

However, in the modern world of people management, human relationship soft skills are imminent. Military approach using hard and force ruling will only command short term obedient and is not lasting. This type of management style is actually a weakness and if it shown-off to competitor, it will definitely exposed you to high risk in the near future.

Leader must be able to position yourself correctly. It must be able to know what their main priority role is. Boasting your own weakness in this instance (military force approach) will have your work force to lose faith on your leadership, thus one day you will lose your control and the whole organization could collapse due to this.

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ilitek profile image

ilitek 5 years ago

great story

klyyong profile image

klyyong 5 years ago

Sometimes we do expose our own weaknesses without realizing it, and people can really take advantage on you. This is the fact. I will share the moral of the story to others, thanks.

henrygogoals profile image

henrygogoals 5 years ago from Singapare

Lesson learned. Thanks.

krosch profile image

krosch 5 years ago

A good story thanks for sharing.

My Footprints profile image

My Footprints 5 years ago from MY

Thanks for a good narrative story.

joriechew profile image

joriechew 5 years ago

Wow, an entertaining story with advice that sinks deeper into the mind. Thanks for sharing.

The Uneak Rabbit profile image

The Uneak Rabbit 5 years ago from Sarasota

I completely agree with the leadership aspect. There is an ebb and flow to being a leader and working with a team rather than a dictator. Great story!

GT Ooi profile image

GT Ooi 5 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

It is indeed a mind poking story, a new thing to learn.

happyyeo 5 years ago

Great hub, voted up. Thanks for sharing.

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