Spine Machine as seen on TV

As Seen on TV

Do you want that spine machine as seen on tv? Everyone has seen the commercial. The guy is flipping upside down to relieve the stress on his back and then he twists his torso so as to stretch the muscles in his core area (stomach, back and sides).

That machine is called an "Inversion Table" and the brand is Teeter Hang Ups.

The way it works is that you use gravity to decompress your spine, relieving pressure on pinched nerves from your lower back to your neck. Fluids are also able to flow back into the disks separating the vertebrae and allowing for a little more cushion when you stand back upright. If only for a little while.

Want to see the commercial again? I found it on Youtube and have included it below.

Here's the Commercial as seen on TV

Inversion Tables are not for Everyone

As with most back pain relief devices, the Teeter inversion table works well for some and not for others. Every person is different and will respond differently to any given situation. So, if you plan to try the spine machine as seen on tv, please consult your Physician. Most information you see on the internet, though from well meaning people, is not from an expert.

If you do try one, the Teeter Hang UpsĀ® EP-550 is a first rate entry level Inversion Table. It has most of the features that make Teeter the industry leader.

About Inversion Tables

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