stop the spiral downwards:bringing new life to the u.s economy.

its up to us

yes we need to keep a very close eye on our politicians and the decisions that they make.we need to require that every law and every bill that they propose be written in plain everyday English.not legal babbling on paper that only they can fully understand.we need to have all of their hearings and sessions televised so we can know what they are up to.we need to limit there terms no more career senators or congressmen.we need to hold them fully accountable no more above the law crap.we need to vote out everyone that has been in power before the year 2000,life long politicians in office making decisions,that has led the country into the predicament that we are in now.we need to clean house across all party lines and vote in some new people with fresh ideas and fresh perspectives of the world and how to move forward.if you are a democrat or a republican we all need to vote and get these career politicians out of office,because they are only serving themselves.we need to send a message to these people that they are not kings,they are servants of the people,they think they are above the common man now.we need new life on both sides.we need a new start,and a new way of doing things.AS FAR AS WHAT WE CAN DO INDVIDUALLY we can start creating our own jobs go back to the mom and pop style and start employing ourselves.get back to starting small businesses and support each other in business.we have to start coming up with own our economic solutions,because corporate America rules our politicians.

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blogging2 8 years ago from Florida

Very intersting and thoughtful hub! I agree with you totally!

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bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall Author


ColdWarBaby 8 years ago

Small is beautiful. Localization and decentralization are crucial but NOT through isolationism. Does a family usually all live in the same house? If they don’t live in the same house does this mean they are not a family? With the technology of today we can be a global family, all living in our own houses yet all working closely TOGETHER for the common good. This can only happen if our actions are motivated by love and compassion, not profit.

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