Telemarketing: How to Improve Customer Service

Telemarketing: How to Improve Customer Service

Winning the trust of the customer, ask the right questions, answer objections and close the sale are part of the "process" of sales. But how successful a sale can be if the attendant does not speak properly, with confidence, clarity and power?

In today's competitive world speaking in a dynamic and authoritative way can mean the difference between success and failure and, therefore, let's look at some important points of a dynamic and efficient service that a telemarketer must follow:Understanding the Importance of

  • Effective Habits when Talking: The Customer will make decisions about the products offered, based on the perception that has about the voice of who he is listening. Thus, the telemarketer must ask himself what the customer is listening? An attendant shy and insecure or someone passionate, dynamic and confident? Not all the technical knowledge of the world will be able to change the bad impression made by a bad presentation. In this sense, the operator should strive to become a true professional to serve the Client. In fact, he has to practice every day, in all situations and with all customers. Thus he should practice until it is natural and he barely notice it.

  • Project a Strong Voice: A weak and insecure voice projects an image of lack of confidence and knowledge. People who stutter are not considered figures of authority. People who make presentations in public and learn to breathe using their abdomen so that their voice can be easily understood, even by those who are far away. But that does not mean shouting.
  • Slow down and enunciate the words clearly: This element is absolutely critical for an effective speech. We tend to accelerate the talking pace when we are nervous. This eventually causes the "swallowing" of words and slurred speech. The more articulated sound transmit more authority. Thus, the operator should endeavor to speak slowly - enough to pronounce every syllable of the words. Furthermore, it should avoid talking too lazy or medium soft. You should open your mouth to speak fully and see that your pace will be maintained at the proper speed.

  • Speaking in a Dynamic Way: Too much or too little of something good, can also be a distraction. A voice in the same monotonous tone will bore the Customer. Keep changing the tone also will unduly irritate him. The most effective way to speak with authority is doing so with controlled emotion. Thus, the operator must show the client that he is passionate about it, but in a controlled manner. He should save his presentation and listen to it later. How does his voice sounds like? Enthusiastic and full of life or indifferent? The clerk must inspire his listeners, causing them to get excited too. It's a middle ground, i.e, the telemarketer can not bore the customer nor turn a "circus clown".
  • Breathing: There are two fantastic benefits arising from breathing using the abdomen. First, proper breathing will help the clerk to remain calm and under control. One of the first foundations of yoga is the deep breathing that calms. A sales situation can become stressful and taking a deep breath, can help the telemarketer to relax. Secondly, the correct habits of breathing will improve the quality of the voice of the attendant, giving it a richer timbre. On the other hand, shallow breathing will tune your voice, making it appear insecure and nervous. It is quite easy to learn to breathe correctly: just lie on the floor, belly up, and feel the abdomen rise and fall as you breathe deeply. The abdominal muscles will expand and contract. When breathing, shoulders and chest should not move - only the abdomen.

  • Use a Winner Body Language: The confidence and competence of the professional service passes through his body are so significant as to how he expresses himself through words. A winning body language includes an upright stance - whether sitting or standing. The clerk must remember that the customer is listening and "seeing" and often it will take his decision based more on "image" that he made of the attendant that what the attendant said.

  • Use an Effective Vocabulary: the telemarketer should not use words "worn out" in their day to day. It should replace them with expressions that convey more energy. That does not mean he has to talk like an economist nor use terms that do not identify yourself. Just go to use synonyms to enrich his vocabulary. Instead of saying, "basically", he should say "essentially" and, instead of saying "very important", he must use "of significance". Thus, he should change "common" by "usual". "probably" use in place of "maybe". Therefore, he should listen to the people he most admire and observe how they speak. Just as improve their pronunciation of words is essential to improve your vocabulary. This will help you sound more articulate and communicate more safely.
  • Look and Learn: One of the easiest, fun and fascinating way to learn is to observe how the "beasts" act, and how the incompetent make mistakes. Thus, the operator must pay attention to his friends, family, colleagues, actors, actresses and politicians. He will see that they are more effective and convey more security are precisely those that dominated the majority (if not all) of those reasons.

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