Things to Blog About

Brainstorming for Ideas

You get to the computer like you do every day, open up a fresh post to type something brilliant for your readers and suddenly you realize there is nothing there. Blank. Nada, Goose egg.

Instead of writing something lame like, "Nothing going on today... sooo bored", pick something from the list below. If you have a great blogging topic then please share it with the rest of us. Most are generic topics but some are topic specific so pick and choose which ones work for you.

Bookmark this page for one of "those" days so you can browse through the list for ideas. There are 250+ ideas to choose from -- so basically, no excuse for not writing about something.

Over 250 things to blog about so far!

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I'd Like to Recommend...

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ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income

If you are interested in making blogging a career path then Pro Blogger is a necessary read. Darren has been one of my favorite bloggers for many years and if you haven't already done visiting his website is a must.


Things to Blog About -- Part One

Here are 200 blogging prompts to get you started.

  1. Product Review - Look around the house, there has to be something there you can review...
  2. People love to read lists and they are easy and fun to make. And they can be done about absolutely anything...
  3. The Worst Thing About Your Town
  4. Review an Old Movie - Preferably something you like...
  5. Your Favorite Actor
  6. A recent movie, past movie, an upcoming tell all book...
  7. All the Things in Your Medicine Cabinet
  8. The Top Ten Websites in Your RSS
  9. 10 Relationship Do's & Don't's -- Which is actually two posts.
  10. Software you wouldn't want to give up.
  11. Ten Books on Your Shelf...that you will never get rid of.
  12. Bad hair days.
  13. Reminisce about a trip you took as a child.
  14. Blog about a trip you took as a child that you would like to take again. Or take the trip and blog about the differences from when the first time you did it. Include pictures from both trips.
  15. Ten Things You'd Like for Valentine's Day
  16. Your view on Valentine's Day and why you participate (or don't).
  17. Your All Time Favorite Romantic Movies
  18. How to Shop for a Car - This can be a series about how you bought your car beginning with the first post on your decision to get a new one, research results, shopping, dealing with sales associates, negotiating a price etc...
  19. What is more important in a relationship, sex or intimacy?
  20. 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Piss Me Off
  21. Five Ways to Wear a Scarf
  22. 10 Tricks for April Fools Day
  23. If I had a million dollars...
  24. Five reasons to live in a cabin up north alone
  25. My Tips for Taking Care of House Plants
  26. If you could write any book what would it be about?
  27. Coffee or Tea?
  28. A Learning Disorder
  29. 5 ways our voting system could be improved.
  30. The Best Thing About Your Town
  31. All the Items in Your Purse - You can be inclusive or you can narrow it down to helpful items or just cosmetics.
  32. About a Bad Date (or a good one).
  33. Five beauty tips you live by.
  34. Your circle of friends...and what they bring into your life.
  35. Ten Collectibles You Wouldn't Give Up
  36. Something from childhood you still wish you had.
  37. Seven Traits You Detest in People
  38. Your favorite politician (or least favorite).
  39. A club you belong to.
  40. A club you would like to start. Could be serious or sarcastic.
  41. Twitter or Facebook?
  42. A favorite photo of yourself as a child.
  43. Favorite polish brand - pictures please.
  44. Give people a riddle that they have to try to answer in the comments.
  45. Interview a friend about a software program they are using.
  46. Share a Joke of the Day / Week / Month
  47. Either ask your readers a question or answer a question that someone has asked you.
  48. The social networking sites you use and why and how to contact you through them.
  49. Three Things Your Boss Could Do to Make Your Job Better. From a well thought out perspective, not from a crazy mad employee perspective.
  50. Three Guilty Pleasures You Couldn't Live Without
  51. People You Wish Were Your Friends. List and include a paragraph why on each.
  52. Facebook Applications You Love (or You Block)
  53. Your Favorite Blog Plugins
  54. A new lipstick you have tried. Include application, how long it lasted, how often you had to reapply, any skin irritations...
  55. 7 of the Best Places to Meet Men/Women/People
  56. Award Shows: If you have favorite award shows mark your calendar with reminders throughout the year. You can do a post leading up to the show, One during the show and probably three about your favorite features of the show: 10 best dressed, worst dressed, best speeches etc...
  57. 10 Worst Movies You Have Ever Seen
  58. 10 Worst Books You Never Read
  59. The Importance of Being a Lady
  60. How to Be a Gentleman (from a man/woman's perspective)
  61. Your Favorite Jelly Belly Flavors
  62. Your attempt at cake decorating
  63. How to Change a Tire - Include photos!
  64. Your favorite pet growing up. (don't forget a picture!)
  65. A list of ten dog breeds you'd like to have.
  66. Something weird your dog does.
  67. A dog grooming tip you've learned that does wonders.
  68. How you deal with the loss of a pet.
  69. The importance of voting, or not, depending on your view.
  70. Ten reasons why the war is important.
  71. Ten reasons why the war shouldn't have happened.
  72. I have a crush on...(insert celebrity name)
  73. I like the rush of...
  74. 25 ways to say I Love You
  75. 25 ways to break up with someone. The real challenge is to come out looking like a flower.
  76. Five Christmas traditions our family celebrates.
  77. Ten things I look forward to at Christmas time.
  78. Ten reasons why I don't celebrate Christmas.
  79. What Christmas means to me and my family.
  80. The art of decorating a Christmas tree (insert your name) style.
  81. Where I like to shop at Christmas time.
  82. Being home for the holidays makes me feel...
  83. My favorite Christmas memories is...
  84. I most look forward to seeing...??? this Christmas.
  85. Ten Things I Want for Christmas...
  86. Ten people I look forward to seeing at Christmas...
  87. Blog about a dangerous activity you have done.
  88. Your favorite sunglasses are...
  89. An event you watched on your local news.
  90. A story from the news at noon that interested you.
  91. A conversation you overheard on the bus / train / plane etc.
  92. Five Dog Breeds You Would Like to Have in order of preference and why. Any memories related to specific breed.
  93. Going for a hair cut (include before and after pictures, picture of salon, hairdresser).
  94. Your favorite delivery place and what you like to order.
  95. Doing tax returns yourself or someone else -- why.
  96. Your weekly laundry tip.
  97. Your favorite diner, complete with pictures and fave menu items.
  98. Your favorite photographer with three sample pictures. And maybe your attempt to recreate the setting/image.
  99. 10 things that make people interesting
  100. 10 things people do that turn you off
  101. 10 reasons why dogs are better company than humans
  102. How to make a perfect milkshake.
  103. How to make a perfect burger.
  104. Ten Fave Tweeters You Follow
  105. Five tweets you have favorited on twitter... and why.
  106. Ten taboos you'd like to break.
  107. First Love
  108. First Obsession with the Opposite Sex
  109. Favorite Valentine's Day Gift to Receive (Give)
  110. How to Celebrate Valentine's Day alone.
  111. 10 Ways I Motivate Myself When I'm Down
  112. My favorite plant is...
  113. Housework Procrastination
  114. My Favorite Hot Drinks in the Winter
  115. How to build an awesome Snowman
  116. Top 10 Things that Annoy You About Twitter
  117. Top 10 Things that Annoy You About Facebook
  118. The Top Ten Things I Spend My Paycheck On are...
  119. Interview your top five friends about their job or hobby.
  120. Shadow Puppets
  121. Find a YouTube video with something interesting and then write an intro and a few points.
  122. Create 10 questions of things you would like to know about your readers and ask them to use the comment section to answer.
  123. Share a weekly joke you remember from your childhood. One I heard recently: What did the grape say when the elephant stepped on him? Nothing, it just let out a little whine.
  124. The View from...Take a picture and write an intro about the view. Keep it short and sweet -- let the picture do the talking.
  125. How You Decorate Easter Eggs
  126. Your Thoughts on Chocolate Easter Bunnies
  127. Any art work you have saved from highschool.
  128. A place you love but have never visited.
  129. Stupid tricks you have tried.
  130. How to sew on a button properly.
  131. How to make a good cup of coffee.
  132. Favorite Bloggers: If you have a lot of favorite bloggers you can do the top five in different categories ie. Top Five Sports bloggers, Top Five Movie Bloggers, Top Five Fashion Bloggers, Top Five Food Bloggers etc.
  133. The social networking site you spend the most time on and what you talk about there.
  134. Favorite stuffed toy. Yes adults like stuffed toys too. If you don't I don't want to hear about it.
  135. An internet hoax you were taken in by (or almost taken in by).
  136. Ten ways you keep cool for the summer (or five).
  137. Favorite summer drink and how to make it. Include lots of pictures.
  138. Favorite summer meal and how to make it. Include lots of pictures.
  139. Comparison of your baby picture and a current photo.
  140. Have you ever used a rosary. Do you remember how? Do you still have it.
  141. Summer activities you can't get enough of.
  142. An item from your bathroom cabinet. Go look in your bathroom cabinet and pick something in there to write about.
  143. Have you ever been discriminated against? Or have you discriminated against someone else.
  144. What hate means to you.
  145. Apples or Oranges?
  146. Paper books or e-books?
  147. Different degrees of lying.
  148. Something vintage you love.
  149. How you handle verbal conflict.
  150. Top 3 Reality tv shows you are addicted to. You could do a weekly up date followed by your own commentary too.
  151. Favorite Halloween Costume
  152. DIY (do it yourself) Homemade Halloween Costume
  153. Childhood memory about trick-or-treating.
  154. Favorite Halloween treats.
  155. How you celebrate Halloween.
  156. Halloween party footage.
  157. Favorite movies to watch during the week of Halloween.
  158. Five things that scare you the most.
  159. How you feel about scaring people for fun.
  160. Conflicting emotions about Halloween fun and or ritual.
  161. Your blogging goals for the New Year.
  162. A year in review...
  163. Write about an old photograph (pick one up from the second hand store).
  164. Bucket List for New Year
  165. Clean Out Your Closet (jewelry box / book collection etc.)
  166. How do you like your coffee?
  167. Pirates or Super Heroes?
  168. My Most Over Used Word
  169. Why Education is (or isn't) Important
  170. 10 Things I would Do if I Were a Guy (or Girl)
  171. What is your decorating style or what style do you wish you could afford?
  172. What "sexy" means to you?
  173. Your favorite social networking site -- only pick one.
  174. Explore the features of the face and which areas offer the most interest.
  175. Ten things to look for in a partner.
  176. Photo essay into your shoes closet.
  177. Your sleep cycle.
  178. What you look for in a doctor.
  179. What you drink with friends, what you drink when you are alone.
  180. 10 Tech Gadgets you wish you had the money for.
  181. Breakfast in your house.
  182. Ten things you wish you had known ten years ago when...
  183. Ten things you learned from your brother (sister).
  184. Ten things you learned from your mother.
  185. Ten things you learned from your father.
  186. What is your beauty regiment?
  187. What is your morning routine?
  188. Write about something in the news that bothered you.
  189. Pick a magazine article and write a response to it.
  190. 10 attributes that make a great President.
  191. 5 ways our voting system works.
  192. 5 reasons everyone should vote.
  193. 10 reasons more women should vote.
  194. Pick a picture and write 5 different captions for it.
  195. Five noises that disturb your working momentum and how you overcome them.
  196. Christmas Lights and when they should be put up.
  197. Five to Ten Phone apps you use regularly.
  198. Are you a creature of routine (s)?
  199. Why people share their pet pictures on social network sites?
  200. Five Favorite Blogs About...Pick a topic and share five your favorite blogs on the topic.

Images to Blog About

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By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr ( Ibrahim Iujaz, flickr ( D Sharon Pruitt, flickr ( D Sharon Pruitt, flickr ( Igor Klisov, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By Ibrahim Iujaz, flickr (
By Ibrahim Iujaz, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By D Sharon Pruitt, flickr (
By Igor Klisov, flickr (
By Igor Klisov, flickr (

Things to Blog About -- Part Two

I hope to grow another list of 200 blogging prompts here.

  1. Do you burn candles?Favorite scents? Companies? Parties?
  2. What kind of time management device do you use?Day planner (paper, electronic), programs etc.
  3. Five people you wish you could work with/for.
  4. Your idea income number?
  5. Ten Things About Your Dream Job Are...
  6. The Best People to Work with Are...
  7. Work from home or Work from outside office?
  8. Ten games to play with your dog.
  9. Ten pictures of your dog doing...
  10. Ten names you might give a dog if you had one.
  11. Ten ways to piss off your spouse with the dog.
  12. Ten reasons why dogs make the best company.
  13. Ten reasons not to dress up your dog like a human.
  14. Ten reasons to get your dog fixed.
  15. Ten reasons why dogs are more fun than your sister.
  16. Ten reasons why dog trainers are full of it.
  17. Ten reasons to support your local humane society.
  18. Write a letter to Santa.
  19. Write a letter to Mrs. Claus
  20. When did you stop believing in Santa?
  21. Are you for or against Santa? Make a list for or against or both.
  22. What names would you give your reindeer if you were Santa?
  23. A time you were bullied as a child.
  24. A time when you were bullied as an adult.
  25. Five tips for Christmas shopping on a budget.
  26. Five favorite Christmas songsInclude you tube videos.
  27. What time you get up and why.
  28. What time you go to bed and why.
  29. What do you drink to warm up in the winter?
  30. What constitutes a great meal?
  31. The best way to spend time with friends?
  32. A train ride.
  33. A bus ride.
  34. The inside of your church.
  35. The outside of your church.
  36. Why radios are obsolete.
  37. Why radios will never be obsolete.
  38. How do you feel about weapon controls.
  39. Five blogs you go to for news.
  40. Five blogs you go to for fun.
  41. Five blogs of friends.
  42. Your thoughts on body modification.
  43. Is there such a thing as too many tattoos?
  44. Mermaids, dude.
  45. Three Disney characters that made an impression on you.
  46. A painting by a famous artist.
  47. The embarrassing side of love (or sex, or both).
  48. Appropriate work attire. Or inappropriate work attire.
  49. Your view of the marketing practices of some of the top brands you buy.
  50. Morals vs. Money
  51. Working Parents vs. Parent Staying Home
  52. 2 Children vs. 5+ Child Household
  53. Media infatuation with serial killers and television shows.i.e. Dexter, Cult, The Following etc.
  54. Why we like to share photos of our pets.
  55. Your Internet Personae vs. Your Real Personae-Are you adventurous enough to move to another country?
  56. Five Apps you can't live without right now.
  57. Five Things People Avoid Talking About
  58. A time where you were physically hurt by someone.
  59. Weird things parents do with their kids.
  60. Weird things people do with their pets.
  61. Why is personal choice important?

Book-in-a-Week Writing Challenge - All Writing, No Editing

butt in chair motto
butt in chair motto

Want an excuse to write more? Look no further. Write along with other writers from all over the world with similar goals one week a month. The ultimate goal is to finish a book (maybe eleven).

Visit Book-in-a-week and get your Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard Typing Away Madly (BIC HOK TAM)!

Have a blog? Leave a link to it here (if you have more than one pick a favorite, don't leave a link to them all) -- but do not just leave a link, tell us what your blog is about too! Warning: Anyone who adds a non-blog link will have their comment and link deleted.

Or just say "hi"!

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PromptWriter 2 years ago from Eastern Ontario Author

You're welcome! Have fun writing.

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Sujatha Guru 2 years ago from Gaithersburg, MD

I can blog about the creative person that came up with 250+ ideas to blog!! Great valuable suggestions. Thanks so much.

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Natalie W Schorr 2 years ago

Great suggestions!

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blestman lm 3 years ago

Pictures and movies work great for me to get ideas.

nikkiconfess 3 years ago

I like the idea of being inspired by pictures! Images can be very influential with our creativity! Wonderful list, so many things to blog about for 10 years!

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Boomer6 LM 3 years ago

I am getting ready to start my own blog and your lens will be very helpful and a good reference. Thanks for the information.

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I really enjoyed this article, and it inspired me to write my own list of blog topics. My blog is pretty generalized, but tends to be on the humorous side. And I like writing lists! Check it out, here's a link to my blog writing prompts.

lauxeck 3 years ago

Content creation is something people always struggle with, but I always find that above all else should be about something that you fell like sharing with others be it feelings, ideas or whateaver happens to cross your mind! Don't you agree?

anonymous 3 years ago

Check out my blog! ! :D

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siobhanryan 3 years ago

Huge list-surely everybody can find something to blog about

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I blog about basically a bunch of stuff. If you want to check it out, I'm Don't judge the name, I was 12. 9.9 hope to see ya there, and thanks for all the ideas!

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JoshuaJDavid 4 years ago

Cool idea for a lens. I think I will use the riddle in the comments section idea....I just have to come up with a riddle

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Shopping in PJs 4 years ago

Wow! What a helpful list of ideas. Thank you so much for sharing!

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PromptWriter 4 years ago from Eastern Ontario Author

@JoanTheChoirLady: Excellent!

JoanTheChoirLady profile image

JoanTheChoirLady 4 years ago from Los Angeles

This helped me. In the new year I want to do more with my choir blog ( and I see one item on your list already that would be great for me -- product reviews!

anonymous 4 years ago

Hey! My link is:

It's pretty eclectic, just another lifestyle blog! I'm using it to keep track of my goals in the new year, health and fitness, career, beauty, books etc!

If anyone else has a similar style blog, I'm looking for ones to follow - just leave me a link to your blog in my comments!

This list is wonderful, thank you.

anonymous 4 years ago

My blog is about my life, life issues, reviews, tips, parenting. It's a blog for parents mainly.

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squidoopets 4 years ago from Abbotsford, BC

I still haven't gotten into blogging - but now that I have built my squidoo empire it's definitely an option to share my work :)

anonymous 4 years ago

Creative arts, check it out!

anonymous 4 years ago

anonymous 4 years ago

anonymous 4 years ago

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ItayaLightbourne 4 years ago from Topeka, KS

Wonderful article! Was hoping you had some art related prompts in the list. :)

anonymous 4 years ago

or..... you could blog about how you should blog

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aesta1 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

Sometimes, the brain needs to rest, too.

Gypzeerose profile image

Gypzeerose 5 years ago

I have several blogs going, but want to develop them more. It is great that I can get my work out there in front of people!

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andreaberrios lm 5 years ago

I love bloging! Great ideas.

TreasuresBrenda profile image

TreasuresBrenda 5 years ago from Canada

Great list of ideas; I don't seem to suffer from a shortage of ideas though and don't suppose you have a secret to get more TIME?

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franstan lm 5 years ago

I love your ideas

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clemency lm 5 years ago

Wow, so many great ideas, will return here often.

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MoonMaa 6 years ago

You are right having things to blog about is a must. I enjoyed reading your lens.

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Here is the link to my blog:

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Great ideas! Lensrolled to my Blog Hop Along lens! I have 4 blogs, but I'll just leave one for starters:

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Thanks for the blog ideas!!

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dc64 lm 6 years ago

Great ideas for blogging when one hits that brick wall.

Kiwisoutback profile image

Kiwisoutback 6 years ago from Massachusetts

Product recommendations/reviews have produced the best monetary results, while personal experience and real advice has driven most of the traffic to my blogs. Then again, a lot of it is good old fashioned SEO.

Here's one of my blogs (that I have a lot of posting to do on): Road Roamer

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Nightowl John 6 years ago

This is a great resource for helping with that awful writer's block. Squid Angel blessed.

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budwalker lm 6 years ago

I always find it hard to start a blog. I would prefer Squidoo rather than blogs :D

blessedmomto7 profile image

blessedmomto7 6 years ago

Great list. I tried to start a blog, but I never know what to say... Now I have some ideas! thanks.

Pete D profile image

Pete D 6 years ago

Nice list of ideas. I'll be checking in from time to time :)

Gail47 6 years ago

It's interesting that someone (i.e. me) has a blog, sits down to write, and draws a blank - when there are so many wonderful topics as your list shows. And, honestly, it really has happened to me. Thanks for providing a colorful and interesting lens that we can go to when we need inspiration. Also, the other lenses you link to give even more prompts!

Mickie Gee profile image

Mickie Gee 6 years ago

Mickie's Blooming Garden is my favorite blog by me.

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oztoo lm 6 years ago

Love this list of ideas. Really does get you thinking. Thanks

anonymous 7 years ago

Great lens. Keep up the cool content. Jules

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