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Start a Mobile Marketing Campaign

Starting a text message campaign is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to promote your business. When starting a text campaign there is very little for you to do but sit back and rack in the cash. Your ROI from text message marketing can literally be double on your very first run. The first thing is to find a reliable company to run your campaign, after that it's pretty much childs play.

Your biggest worry when using a mobile marketing campaign will be keeping your suppliers on their toes. It's kind of epic what could happen to your business once you run your campaign, but like I said you must first start with finding a company to work with. The amazing thing is I've already done that for you as well.

How to Improve Your Text Message Marketing Campaign
How to Improve Your Text Message Marketing Campaign

Text Message Marketing

If you're already running a text message campaign and reading this article you're probably thinking how can I improve on what already seems perfect. Mobile marketing with SMS is already so easy to do but there are somethings you can do to step up your marketing campaign.

On the other hand if you're not running a text messaging campaign you can check out this site below to find out how easy and effective marketing your business with SMS can be all while saving 30% on your first month.


Running a Text Message Campaign

You're running a text messaging campaign and it is taking your business to places you never thought you would go, well that's great but it can get even better. You may be doing all that you have been taught to do when you launched your campaign but don't you think you could take it even further? Now comes the good stuff, below you will learn ways to promote your text messaging campaign that you might not have known or even thought of before. So, let's get started.

Ways to Improve your Text Message Campaign

Now, let's talk about improving on your text message marketing. You've got the table tents on your front counter and you put a flyer on your door. You don't want to stop there, see how creative you can be. Think of the many ways you could promote your keyword and short code.It's really not that hard just think about some of the places you already put some advertising material.

  • Tee- shirts - We all have to wear them so why not put an ad on them? Your employees walk around your business all day. They could be making you more money by doing something more than offering excellent customer service.
  • Buttons - Have some buttons made up that have your promote your text message campaign. You could get really eye catching and have them place the button on the top center of their shirts. Customers will think, well that's an odd place to put a button and it will entice them to look at it.
  • Receipts - In the lower or top portion of the receipt place your keyword and short code right under your business location information,
  • Promotional Flyer - Place a small promotional flyer in your customers bags along with the receipt. When the customer is at home or in the car they will pull the merchandise or food from the bag and notice something a little extra in their bag.
  • Bumper Stickers - These can be placed on your car or the delivery vehicle. It seem a little outdated but people still look at these things. Some people have to look at them when their stuck in traffic and have nothing better to do.
  • Car Wraps - Add them to your car wrap. I'm not saying if you don't have one run out and get one, because these can get pretty pricey. If you have one or are thinking about getting one you should definitely add your keyword and short code.
  • Email / Standard Mail - If you're already running these types of marketing campaigns it would be a good idea to add your text message marketing information. After all only 20% of emails are checked and 97% of text messages are read.

These are just some tips you could use to improve your text messaging campaign. I'm sure it is already going great as is but it never hurts to make them go even better. It's your turn now, think of the best ways to get the message out that you are running a text message campaign. Think on it a while and be as creative as possible. Good luck and have fun with your new campaign.


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