You have a scheduled interview in two days for one of the recognized company that you have been eyeing to be part of...So what do you do? Do you get that butterflies fluttering in your stomach just thinking about it? Are you the type of person who messes up big time when being interviewed? How will you impress the Human Resources Employee who will do the interview with you? Will you make it this time after trying several times but to no avail?

Many people really find the interview process the most difficult part. It's where you have to make a good impression to land the postion you're applying for. Well, I would say that it's not that hard, keyword is TO PREPARE. It has been proven that preparing for an inteview works best for most of us. As they say, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. If you didn't get the last job, you should make it sure that you get to land on a new job this time.




So how do you prepare? NUMBER ONE TIP: ANTICIPATE THE QUESTIONS. Think about the questions you are likely to be asked. Come up with all the questions you can think of that might be part of the interview. Then practice your responses. I suggest you do a role-play with your friend, your mom or whoever you believe will give you feedback on your answers. Practice until such a time that you can already answer the questions spontaneously, withour batting your lashes.


These are just the top questions that you might encounter on a job interview.  Equip yourself with the best answers before going to the actual interview. 

  • What made you decide to apply in this position? -Be sure to include the fact that you feel the position is tailor-fit to your competencies.  
  • Please tell us something about yourself. - This will be the easiest part. Give a quick background of your accomplishments and positive work ethics. No need to go through all the descriptions of how you were on your first job,etc. Always remember that this will be the first thing being discussed on an interview.
  • So what are your strengths and weaknesses? - When you're asked about your weaknesses, make sure you turn a negative statement into a strength. Example: I don't want beating deadlines, because I wants to finish a project way even before the deadline. 
  • Why should we hire you? Why are you quailfied for this position? - Sell yourself. This is your time to shine. Enumerate all the achievements that you have in the past, particularly the ones related to the new postion you're applying for. It will be better of you give concrete examples. Make sure you have an answer for whatever the follow up question is. Just stick to your grounds. 
  • How do you see yourself five years from now? - The best way to answer this question is to connect your response to the company, making them feel that you want to be part of the company and you have long-term goals.  Say something like "I can see myself as being promoted and being recornized as the top performer of a company". 
  • Do you have any questions for me? - Before the interview ends, you will be asked by the person doing the interview with you this question.  It's your turn to ask questions. Never say you don't have any question.  Ask questions about the responsibilities of the postion you're applying for, what are the career advancements in the company, etc.  In that manner, they will feel that you are really interested with the company. 


LOOKING YOUR BEST will always be the advice that you'll get from anyone if you have an interview.  You have to give a good impression and part of that is how you look physically.  We have this seminar at work before titled "DRESS TO IMPRESS" wherein it's main objective is to look your best to give a good impression to your trainees and colleagues.  It applies on job interviews as well.  You have to wear outfits that you don't normally wear on a regular day. HERE ARE SOME TIPS ON HOW TO DRESS UP FOR AN INTERVIEW: 

  • Wear clean and pressed clothes.
  • FOR MEN: Long sleeves with a tie works best with matching dark-colored pants.  Wear black, shiny(or at least polished) shoes.  Use a simple belt.
  • FOR WOMEN: Never put on too much make-up.  A dab of lipstick and blush-on will work.  Do not use too much accessories.  Stud earrings or pearl works best.  Wear a blazer or a trench coat, if you want to wear a skirt, make sure that it is an inch or two below your knees.  As much as possible, DO NOT show some skin, or DO NOT wear a tight-fitting outfit.
  • If you will be bringing a bag, small bags or ouch is advisable. 
  • Best of all, make sure that you are well-groomed.  Take  a bath, cut your nails, comb your hair and brush your teeth.  If you will want to smell good, DO NOT use an overly smelly perfume. 


The interview will be your chance to prove that you're the BEST person fit for the postion.  Make sure you had a good sleep so you can wake up early.  Be sure that you arrive at the interview place at least 15-20 minutes before your schedule so you can observe and kill the butterflies fluttering in your stomach.  Just breathe..Just relax..Think positively. PRAY BEFORE THE INTERVIEW. You make a mind-set that you will go home with a new job. 

Now, on the interview itself, first thing you need to do is to firmly shake hands with the person who will do interview with you.  USE EYE CONTACT.  BE ENTHUSIASTIC.  Actively listen to the questions so you can provide the best responses.  BE A LITTLE AGGRESSIVE BY SELLING YOUR STRENGTHS. Place your hands on top of the table, do not make any gesture like waving of hands or what not.  And finally, ask questions before the interview ends.


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