Typical questions during a job interview

Typical questions during a job interview

A job interview is like a "battle" that you have to be prepared for, being prepared for any question that may be more difficult or compromising that might come up in the conversation.

Find out here some of the questions that are many times used in job interviews, and be prepared for them.

"Tell me about yourself"

Usually asked in the beginning of the job interview, it works as an "ice breaker". Try to give a short answer, focusing in your career.

Can you imagine yourself lead a project or a team? Why?

This question is used to find out how you interact with your job colleges and if you are a respectable and sociable person. Use this question to talk about your skills as a good leader. Try not to exaggerate in the answer.

Job Interview

What was your most difficult decision?

With this question comes the intend to know if you have the ability to think rational, evaluate all the alternatives and choose the best decision. Think in a real (professional) situation that append.

Why do you think that our company should hire you?

Try to find the strengths of your personality and professional competence that fit the profile of the company or the position in question.

What would be your ideal work schedule?

You should never respond with an exact number of hours, but in order to give a good answer you should the impression that you will work whatever it takes to for a project to succeed.

Why did you choose your academical education?

Again, try to justify your choice with a view to your current job, but also the company and position for which you are applying for. Show that your choice was relevant to the position in question and for your career. Never show regret for opting the academic path you came to follow and always try to find strengths.

Do you have hobbies?

Don't say you just like sitting in your couch watching television. Show that you are an active person who enjoys life.

What led you to apply for this job / company?

Highlight the strengths of the company and its market position, ideally presenting data in concrete.

What are your weaknesses and strengths?

The biggest difficulty here is to talk about weaknesses. Try turning your weaknesses into strengths, giving them too much emphasis. For example: "I'm too attentive to detail."

What makes you change jobs?

Never speak bad of the company where you work today. Noted for example that you are looking for a new challenge and more professional development.

How do you see yourself in 5 years? And in 10 years?

Try to match your personal and professional objectives of the company, if possible.

What is the value of the salary that you are considering earning?

Do not go with a fixed value in concrete, since it may jeopardize your employment at that company. The best tactic to solve this situation is to reverse the game and ask what the proposed value.

Preparing for a job interview will give you confidence, motivation and power of reasoning further.

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