What are Short Codes & How are They Used in Business and Marketing?

What Exactly is a Short Codes? Where, When and How are They Used for Business and Text Message Marketing?

Short codes have been a part of business and text message marketing for some time now. You may have seen one and didn't even know your were looking at one. So, what is a short code?

I guess you could say they're short telephone numbers. In recent years they have been used in television marketing campaigns for products such as; ring-tones, daily horoscopes, voting for contestants on reality TV shows and charitable donations.

They have gained popularity in the marketing of businesses. You send a text message to a short code and begin receiving offers, discounts and other correspondence from them via a text message.

However, they have been around for a long time now maybe you know some of the most common short codes.... Ever heard of 911 or 411? Unless you have lived underneath a rock since the day you were born and have lived in The United States, chances are you have used one of these or at least know of someone who has.

How Short Codes are Used in Business and Marketing

We have all heard the short code numbers 911 (emergency response) and 411 (telephone directory service) but there are many other common short codes in The United States. Many of which belong to some of the best known brands in America or a local business and are used to market their products.

You might be using some to keep track of some of your favorite brands, products or stores and businesses through text messages.

Example: Text the word Jump to 74292 and Jump in on the Savings!

A business might associated themselves with short codes for various marketing reasons, such as to inform consumers of new products and discounts on new and existing products. Some companies use short codes to simply promote brand awareness.

In some instances, in addition to the above reasons, businesses and companies have used short codes for simple trivia and quiz questions, just to put their product or brand right in the palm of your hand, in the form of a text message.

Not to initially sell you something, but to make sure the next time you buy you're sure to remember their products or brand and buy from them.

They have also been used in protecting their customers and themselves from liabilities. Such as to notify customers of important recalls or faulty products.

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