How to Use Text Message Advertising To Promote My Business | How to Advertise with Mobile Marketing

Who Can Benefit from Text Message Marketing

In the world of text message marketing just about anyone with a brick and mortar or an Internet based business can benefit from implementing an SMS advertising campaign. The possibilities are seemingly endless and I'm willing to bet that if you're not looking into a text message campaign your competition down the street will be.

It's not hard to see if you look around that people from all walks of life are now using their cell phones in many different aspects of their lives. When you think of this fact it is not hard to see that text message marketing is right for your business no matter what service, field, niche or profession that you represent your consumer is looking for you on their cell phones.

Advertising to Mobile Devices will Greatly Increase the Profits of your Business
Advertising to Mobile Devices will Greatly Increase the Profits of your Business

Using Mobile Marketing to Advertise your Business

It's so simple to run a texting campaign. Once you've started one it will blow your mind to see how effective and inexpensive SMS marketing really is for your business. The most important thing to remember about text message marketing is that the people who receive a text from your company have opted-in and chose to be updated on your events, promotions and coupons. This is very important becauseĀ it shows that text message advertising is in fact the most effective laser targeted marketing your business can implement.

YepText Mobile Marketing

Starting a Text Message Campaign

The first step is of course finding a company that makes it easy and cheap. YepText is a company that helps you handle your new mobile advertising campaign. To get started just visit the link that I have posted below. You will even get a 30% discount on your first month. This is the highest savings provided to new YepText customers.

Get a 30% YepText Discount using the Promo Code "YepWords"

Setting up Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Once you have signed up with Yep Text it is time to setup your follow up message. This should consist of welcoming the customer to your new texting campaign. Shortly explain what they may receive in the text messages you plan on sending them. This will get them excited about receiving your very first offer.

Yep Text Marketing Material

Next it's time to familiarize yourself with the marketing tools for your new Yep Word. You will notice inside of your Yep Text Dashboard that there is a section for marketing materials. They offer table tents that can easily be setup on your front desk or if you are running a restaurant you might consider placing one on each table. The table tents have a place for you to write in your Yep Word.

They also offer flyers with a section to write your new Yep Word. These are great to stick on your store front window or door so when they walk in they notice it and then see it again on your table tent once they are inside your business. Another good way to use the flyers is by placing one inside your customers bag after they have made their purchase.

Sending Your First Text Message

This of course isn't your first text message to the customer remember that when you sign up with Yep Text you should have immediately setup your follow up message. This is highly recommended to show the customer right away what exactly they should be expecting from your text messaging campaign. Your customer is now ready to receive your first offer.

It is recommended that you wait a few weeks after you have setup your marketing materials so you've had a chance to build your client list. In your Yep Text Dashboard you will be able to see how many people have signed up to receive text messages from you. Click on Manage Subscription from here you will click on Analytics. In your analytics you will be able to see how many people have signed up. It is up to you when you have enough people on your list to be able to send out your first offer.

When you feel you have enough people on your list send out your first offer. Remember when you send this offer out chances are your customers have friends who share their interest in the same types of products or services. So when they get your offer they may choose to forward your message to a few of their contacts and guess what more customers for you and your business.

Continuing Your Mobile Campaign

You now know and see how effective running a texting campaign can be for your business. It is now up to you how you will manage it. Be creative with your offers and remember to only text your customers about once or twice a month this will keep your customers from feeling overwhelmed with advertising from your company. This will help keep your customers happy and also help with customer retention. Good luck and have fun.

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