winning the lottery a blessing or a Curse?



Winning the Lottery! A Blessing or a Curse?

We have all dreamed about winning a windfall and what we would do with the extra cash, but hearing the horror stories of what could happen once won, leads me to thinking twice about being an instant winner. I’ve heard it all from family members turning against family members, marriages being ended, and even people committing suicide. So is it true…… that money cannot really buy happiness?

I think I would be elated to win. I just don’t understand how some people could win millions and millions of dollars and not even 10 years later be completely broke, but when you think about it poor financial planning leads some to their ruin, as well as the greed of others.

  • Abraham Shakespeare won 30 million dollars and was murdered by his friend, who also forged his signature to steal his home, leaving his girlfriend and young son penniless.
  • Jack Whittaker won 315 million dollars and was sued and robbed multiple times after winning. His granddaughter’s boyfriend died of an overdose in his home. His granddaughter died of an overdose, as well as his own daughter. After his wife divorced him, He drank. He is quoted as saying, “I wish I never would have won.”
  • Arnim Ramdass won and never told his wife, abandoned her while pregnant and in debt.
  • Jeffrey Dampier was murdered by his wife’s sister and her boyfriend, whom He had been having an affair with after winning 20 million dollars.

The list goes on and on…….

I think if I won. I would tell no one. I would take care of the people I would want to take care of anonymously, as well as contribute to charities under a pseudonym, and take a long family vacation, and start up my own business.

So what do you it a blessing or a Curse?


If you won the lottery What would you do first?

  • Go on a long vacation
  • Consult a Financial Advisor
  • Quit my job
  • Buy a House
  • Buy a Car
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Karen Wodke profile image

Karen Wodke 5 years ago from Midwest

It might be a curse for some, but it would be a blessing for people who keep their heads and manage their money properly. No need to go crazy with the money. First get your future needs taken care of and set up into accounts by a professional so you never have to worry about income again. Next, do the same for loved ones. Then you can buy a house and new car and whatever else you need and want. Then comes the really fun stuff - giving away the excess so other people can enjoy financial freedom too.

sturner1 profile image

sturner1 5 years ago from Georgia Author

Karen I could not agree with you more. A financial Advisor would be at the top of my list if/when I win. Secondly if it was possible I would want to remain anonymous.

talfonso profile image

talfonso 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

I am falling out of the fray in buying lotto tickets and playing the game. But, if my relative wins, I'd tell her not to tell anyone else but a professional and effectively built team of financial planners, attorneys, and lawyers. Those people would help us prevent ourselves from getting victimized by long-lost relatives/friends emerging out of the woodwork.

But then again, I'd gain wealth by taking my sweet time saving money and doing a very good network marketing business.

sturner1 profile image

sturner1 4 years ago from Georgia Author

Yeah I only buy tickets when it gets to the larger jackpots, but you cant win it unless you are in it.

dicaslotofacil profile image

dicaslotofacil 4 years ago

I'm seriously thinking about not winning the lottery, this article changed my view

sturner1 profile image

sturner1 4 years ago from Georgia Author

I know there are a lot of horror stories, but you can't deny it would be pretty cool to win :)

Mary Virgili 2 years ago

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