The Wonderful World of Cost Per Action Offers and CPA Networks

You are online and you already have a webpage or a website. The ideas start flowing into your mind about how to turn the pages that you create into online little money makers. How can this be done is the current age online? The first stop on the internet money making journey usually starts with placing contextual ads in the sidebars and header locations with blogs. There is another potential source of income for those willing to jump through the hurdles. The special marketing lane is called cost per action marketing.

Most people online are already familiar with affiliate marketing. If you don't know about affiliate marketing, you must have been hiding under a rock. The simple idea of promoting offers without holding any inventory and earning commissions for sales and leads is the basic form of affiliate marketing. This is attractive to those people that we talked about earlier. The bloggers and website owners that want to generate money from their online ventures are countless. The internet is flooded with all types of affiliate programs. Cost per action is a form of affiliate marketing, but it has a different twist.

Start with the name cost per action. It really explains it all. The companies in cost per action want to pay for results. This is similar to regular affiliate marketing. Cost per action offers come in different flavors. Email submits are one of the simple forms of cpa. The vendors provide lots of rules and regulations for each offer. The cpa marketer has to fulfill those rules in order to earn the commission. If they go outside of the rules, they have the possibility of getting their accounts banned.

Getting into the cpa game requires more work than joining other types of affiliate marketing systems. With some cpa networks, they will require an application and an interview. Yes, you might have to get on the phone and answer a bunch of questions before getting approved into the cpa world. This might cause some people to get scared, but if you want to get into the cpa game, you have to go through these formalities.

The email submit is just one type of cpa offer. With email submits, a marketer could earn income when the user enters their email into a form and hits the submit button. Is that great or what? This seems like a really easy way to earn income online right? Cpa email submits are easy to setup, but the downside is that they don't pay much money. You might find cpa email submits that pay in the 1 dollar to 2 dollar range ( sometimes higher ). Cpa networks might also include app or software installs, zip code submits and others. You have to really look around to see the different types of offers available.

The internet marketing game is constantly changing. Some cpa networks even offer access to pay per call offers. Getting approved is a task. There are some guides for getting approved that can be found online. Some networks are easier to join than others. If you want to get into this form of marketing, you just have to make it up in your mind that you are going to do and do it.

Getting into a network will mean filling out an application and going through the process. What will happen if they turn you down? Just remember that this is business. You have two choices. You could stop right there in your tracks and give up or you could find another network to join.

After getting in, you will be assigned a person to help manage your account. The name of this person will usually be an affiliate manager. This will be your contact person with the network. They will want to know about your plans for promoting the offers. The affiliate manager will usually provide you with different forms of contact information, such as, phone numbers, emails, and instant messaging.

Cost per action offers don't last forever. You have to stay informed about their expiration dates. The affiliate managers are good for sending out emails about the new offers and expiring offers. You don't want to send traffic to offers that are no longer valid. Some offers can stick around for a long time and others might only be available for a few days or hours.

Are you ready to take the next step and jump into the world of cost per action marketing?


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