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For many years I have tried to find a way to work from home and make money. This can be difficult to do, especially with all the scams out there. There are several options that can be done to work from home.  I will be writing several articles for the next few days on ways of working from home. All this info is free as it should be. For now, I want to explain some things that are very important to working from home.

One, to work from home you will need to set a schedule and stick to it. If you don’t have a schedule it is easy to just say, well I’ll do it later. But when later comes, you don’t.  You have to be consistent.

Two, find your area. Do you already have an office, great! But those that don’t need to find a way to set one up. I have read stories of women that used their walk-in closet for an office. Other’s decided the kitchen table was right for them.  Myself, I chose my living room as my temporary office. This way I was able to help my children learn that I was working from home and would need quiet time. This also helps so that when I do move my office to another location, they know I will only be in there to work and will come out when I am finished. For those with smaller children, you may have to wait until they are older. Last thing you want is your toddler running around unsupervised.

Three, and this one depends mainly on if you’re working online, is to set up a computer.  It should be one that can handle all you need it to do. Although I do use my regularly for internet searching, I make sure nothing is downloaded on mine that may cause it to run slower.  This helps to insure it doesn’t get viruses or just overloaded.

Four, sticky note or a notebook. If you keep one on hand this can help you jot down anything that comes to mind while working or out somewhere. You can sit this on your desk after work so that you can look at it the next day, not taking family time away, but not forgetting either.

If you followed the four steps above then you will soon be on your way to feeling like a work at home mother or father. Take your job serious. And don’t be alarmed if when someone asks, “What do you do for a living?” and you reply I work from home, they may think it’s nothing. But always remember, anything you do to better yourself and your family is everything.


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