Working from home the pros and cons


I have been giving some thought to working from home, like most people who have a two hour commute each way to work, this idea is incredibly appealing! From someone who has a job (just over broke!) being able to work from home appears to be the holy grail of lifestyles.

So before I throw caution to the wind, I thought I should do a little brainstorming about the advantages and disadvantages of working at home. So here are a few of my ideas, please feel free to comment on them and let me know your views on being a home worker. If you already work from home, or are considering working from home, I would appreciate your comments.


The benefits of working from home:

·         Being able to spend more time with my family. I live in Northamptonshire and work in London so I am often out of the house for 12 hours plus each day. Trying to fit your family around your work is strange to me; I feel I should be able to fit in my work around my family.


·         Not having to rush for a train. The joys of commuting means you have to plan which train you are going for, wondering if you're going to get a seat. In some cases who are you likely to be sat next to; the person who only knows soap from a commercial is quite common on the early trains and you know whose drunk too much and had a very over spiced meal the night before.


·         No more having to wear a tie, and being able to go to work in shorts, T-shirt and sandals. I know this is a sad benefit but at least I haven't said I wanted to work in my boxer shorts!


·         No need to shower in the morning, I think it's only me that sees this as a benefit! I won't actually be practising this one, “honestly I won't”!


·         Being my own boss, whatever that means! When you have a partner, children and animals of many descriptions around you, it's hard to know who is actually in charge.


·         Having the luxury of working my own hours (and yes I know to make this work there will have to be a lot of them!)


·         No more meetings for the sake of having meetings. There's quite a lot of my week that is taken up by meetings, possibly only 20% of them are relevant, so no more meetings would be heaven!


·         Not having to justify your job to somebody who doesn't understand what you do. I’m sure I'm not alone in this benefit, you seem to have to explain almost every action and to me that it's very frustrating especially when those actions seem so obvious.


·         Being able to do something that I enjoy. When you spend so much time at work you wake up one morning knowing that you don't enjoy it anymore and it becomes a bind, then it's time to do something different.


·         Feeling that I am responsible for my own actions. Yes I know everyone is responsible for their own actions and the consequences good and bad that go with them; however I don't always feel that I am responsible for my actions.


·         Not having to get up at five o'clock in the morning. I don’t mind walking the dog at five o’clock or sometimes before, I know that once I finally start working from home, I will likely to still be waking up at five o'clock however knowing I won't have to rush to get things done is definitely a benefit.

The negative side of working from home:

·         Having to spend more time with my family. I know this is the first one on the benefits, but I can also see this as a negative. Its one thing to tell your daughter you can't do something with her because you have to go to work but quite another thing when you are working at home.


·         No longer having the excuse that I'm late for work, for not putting the bins out on the rubbish collection day.


·         Being self-employed and all the trials and tribulations that goes with it, i.e. national insurance, tax and other costs you incur working for yourself.


·         Not having the luxury of paid holiday/sick leave.


·         Needing to be more dedicated and focused on the task at hand. There is no room for procrastinating when you work for yourself.


·         The dangers of becoming withdrawn and not interacting with other people.


·         Friends and Family. When people find you work from home they think you are available to help them all the time and don't realise that you're actually trying to earn a living.

So far this is what I have, there may be more pros and cons to be considered, you may have a few to add yourself. But for me the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and I will be looking over the next 18 months to 2 years to accomplish this. I know it will be difficult and hard work, but to be able to accomplish this would be a dream come true.

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milenaamr profile image

milenaamr 6 years ago

Nice hub. I am on the same path as you trying to work from home full time and making it my main source of income. I am planning to create a plan after 18 months of hard work so I can organized my day and work from home on a certain time for a certain hours only. Like that I think I will have more time for myself,friends and family. Thanks for the hub and good luck.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

thank you, and good luck to you too

Trinsick profile image

Trinsick 6 years ago from Cali

Great list, I can totally relate.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

Thank you, I need to become as productive as you if i am going to achieve it, 28 hubs in 3 months! You have made a good start.

arudius 6 years ago

I work from home about 98% of the time and the pros and cons ultimately end up, for me, comparable to if I didn't work from home.

Everybody says the big thing with working from home is that you get to be at home and you're around your family, etc. Well, want to know what the big draw back is? You're working from home. You're going to be on the clock 24/7, unless you're very successful and have regular clients and can afford to take time off. You will be at your computer at least 12 hours a day. You won't have to commute, but your energy bill consumption will rise (to some degree). No insurance. The hardest for me is that I have to really make a note to get out, get to the gym, see friends, etc. otherwise you get cabin fever. I live in NYC, and even here sometimes I much prefer the idea of going into an HQ to work from (which I do sometimes).

It's not for everyone. You have to be self motivated. You have to be smart with time management. And if the main reason you want to work from home is so that you can avoid having to work under a boss or so you can roll out of bed and "be at work", then you are in it for the wrong reasons. You roll out of bed and you are at work means that you will be working from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. Consider that, and decide if the whole idea is a novelty or if it's a real possibility for you.

Just some advice from someone who's done it for years now.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

Thank you good sound advice on stuff I only touched on or didn’t even factor in, it’s a big step for me to even consider doing this . I am a long way off or maybe 18 months is not enough time to prepare I know there is a lot more a to do research, buck my ideas up, more research and planning to even get close to achieving it.

Thanks for the advice

gmrwebteam 6 years ago

Many people think work at home jobs are quite easy and relaxing than office job. But it is not like that. In office the working environment always encourages for working which is not there in WAHM jobs. Also, in office there are people for guidance and people makes less mistake in office as compared to WAHM jobs. One have to really plan well for the work at home jobs like separate work space in home for working, etc, etc

But still WAHM jobs are very useful for the people who are unable to have an office job.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 6 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

Thank you

I am a realist and I know that this won’t be easy, however I am realising that this may be harder than I thought. And the most valuable commodity that I haven’t got is time, I am still in a fulltime job and balance only seems to be found in the dictionary.

bloggering profile image

bloggering 5 years ago from Southern California

I vote for a WAHM job over one in the office in a heartbeat! Good hub :-)

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 5 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

One day my dream will come true, at the moment the day jobs getting in the way! However I am getting there. Thanks for your comment Bloggering.

ThePepperDen profile image

ThePepperDen 5 years ago from Australia

I'm working from home and I wholeheartedly agree with this comment:

"When people find you work from home they think you are available to help them all the time and don't realise that you're actually trying to earn a living."

The Ponderer profile image

The Ponderer 5 years ago from Scotland

I worked from home for a year and I think I was starting to go a little stir crazy. If I were doing it again I would try and find a nice cafe with WiFi.

Nick M. profile image

Nick M. 5 years ago

Working from home is great, but like The Ponderer said, I far prefer just finding a nice coffee shop and treating it like my second office.

mrfluffy profile image

mrfluffy 5 years ago from Northamptonshire Author

thank you all for you advice. :)

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