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Bakery Jobs

Are you looking for bakery jobs  or a job in a take away shop ? Wondering what it will be like ?

I had never worked in a bakery/ takeaway shop like this before ( have done waitressing years ago which I prefer)

Morawa bakery isn't a real bakery where you can buy freshly made bread & buns , cakes ,home made pies etc which is a shame but more it is like a cafe/ takeaway shop.

When we were moving here i took a job there as we were going to be living close by and they were going to teach me coffee making & I was looking forward to being out the front serving customers.

I was only 1 minute away from work on my bike so I write on here till almost the last minute I can .

When I turn up for work going thru the back entrance into the kitchen there is always a piece of paper with a list of jobs, things to make cleaning jobs and so on

On a typical day it could read like this

make a garden salad

potato salad


make meatballs

clean oven

The salad , well that's easy, get fresh lettuce leaves in a white dish, mix up small carrot sticks, tomato, cucumber, capsicum , put in middle of lettuce.

Top with red onion for colour !

Potato salad

boil potatoes.

mix sour cream, mayonnaise & a sauce for a bit of colour , mix all together.

Sprinkle diced bacon & spring onion for colour!


Again these are easy

slice them open

put cheese & ham inside them

cover with glad wrap and freeze !

In between these jobs you will be asked to cook a box of chips, clear a table,

do a million dishes etc !

so you need to be able to jump from one job to the other easily without being like me and forgetting you put spuds on to cook!

It was an interesting experience however as I am more of a salesperson than a cook/cleaner however in Morawa there isnt any sales jobs going so have had to be adaptable!

Where I do the dishes
Where I do the dishes
Where I cook chips, burgers etc
Where I cook chips, burgers etc

How to make meatballs

The first time I made this at Morawa Bakery it felt like my fingers were going to drop off as the meat was still a bit frozen so it put me off making them , however it seeems to be my regular Wednesday job !

I use

5 kilo of sausage meat

bowl of breadcrumbs

1 egg

2 carrots

2 onions

half cup tomato sauce

half cup bbq sauce

mix and make them 200 g each.

Making meatballs

I make meatballs on Wednesday
I make meatballs on Wednesday

How to make fishcakes

 I boil 8-10 potatoes.

when cooked I mash them with salt, pepper & butter.

Then add can of tuna , stir well.

Dip them in breadcrumbs and put on tray.


Another day of cooking
Another day of cooking

Near end of shift

When its starts getting quiet I then I  have to clean the toilets , sweep the kitchen, mop the floor etc.

I can be busy doing this then have to stop and make a hamburger or toasted sandwiches for a customer that comes in at the last minute etc.

I was told I would be serving customers out the front but that hasnt hapened yet.

If you love being told what to do all the time and be rushed off your feet trying to cook for several people at once then this job is for you!

Skills Needed

You need to be able to make a good cup of coffee that your customers will enjoy tell others about .

Unfortunatly in Morawa there isn't a place to have a decent coffee .

If you want to be able to make coffee I reccomend finding a good coffee making class rather than learn on the job.

People skills - you need to make visitors to your bakery/take away feel welcome so they want to come back !

Cooking skills

Be able to use a till

Jobs I have done

Sales rep for Insurance

Timeshare sales

Store manager for storage units

Director of traffic at Broadway shopping center ! Fun lol!!

Wine sales


and more !

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gramarye profile image

gramarye 6 years ago from Adelaide - Australia

My students and I are working on jobs at the moment. I am going to share this with them next time we are in the computer room.

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