wytegarillaz Guide to buying shares

Let Alto Capitol help you with your Business needs
Let Alto Capitol help you with your Business needs

How to buy shares

There are diferent ways you can choose to buy shares , depending on if you want to try it on your own or have someone experienced in this field look after your shares account for you.

Some choose to do what is called day trading - buying and selling shares each day online .

Make sure you know what you are doing tho or you could lose a lot of money..

There are many companies set up to take care of this for you.

One company that was reccomended to us is Alto Capitol set up in Perth.

Alto Capitol

Alto Capital was established in July 2004 to provide investment banking and a full range of advisory services including:

  • Securities Trading
  • Managed Funds¬†
  • Superannuation
  • Derivatives & Options Trading
  • Corporate Consulting & Capital Raising
  • Portfolio Management
  • International Trading
  • Sophisticated Investor Placements
  • Research

Alto has been appointed as the Corporate Adviser to a number of ASX Listed Companies.

Should you require any further information or wish to discuss any of the services provided by Alto Capital, please do not hesitate to contact Alan Lawson on

 08 92223 9878

Wall street New York Home of the New York Stock Exchange .

I was here in 2000 !

Wall Street !


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