wytegarillaz guide to Making money online

cash comes in handy !
cash comes in handy !
Travel while earning !
Travel while earning !

Writing on hubpages

It is very rewarding writing for hubpages so jump in , choose your name , profile and start writing !

What do I write about is often asked.

Here are some ideas for you !

Share your favorite recipe with everyone

Tell us about your favourite holiday spot

What is your local area like ?

Do you have an interesting job to share

Favourite movie or book

Are you clever with cars

any other skills!!

Share your passion with us.

Let me know when you have joined so I can read your hub.

Have a Pay Pal Account

 Make sure one of the first things you do is open a Paypal account so you can get paid easily online.

It is easy to do and you can also create buttons for your blogs and websites with paypal!

Reccomend Alertpay

 If you are wanting to earn money then you can do this by referring people to Alertpay, A safe way to pay for things online , Not everyone does paypal so it is worth joining up for your convenience .

Making money online

We are the wytegarillaz hoping to travel the world while earning online like many others are doing.

I am going to be writing more hubs and blogs and you can see us on you tube by typing in wytegarillaz!

Writing seems to be a good way to earn online once you master all the extra things like key words, back links, seo and more.

I enjoy reading so before asking to many questions that others have asked mosdt likely millions of times and driven you all nuts I have gone into the hub page forums and learnt a lot from there,

I do this every day so I can then help others by telling them where to go !

I mean that in a nice way -- (as in where to go on hub pages!):)

Affiliate programs

There are many affiliate programs to choose from so no matter what subject you write a blog on there will most likely find one to suit it.

You will need a topic that a lot of people are interested in of course so you will get the vistors needed/

Join xomba below for more traffic

When you sign up to xomba you can benefit diferent ways.

I .write a 50 word bookmark about your hub and provide the link to your hub creating a backlink!

2. Write an article , put photos etc on there.

3. Refer friends and earn online from their work.

To join go to my profile page .

Buy keywords on Kooday !

I have come across Kooday where you can earn money by buying keywords.

When others buy the keyword from you or link to the keyword you get paid . There is also referal payouts.

This is great for backlinks for your hubs and websites!

You get share points which they pay out .006 cents for each share you have.

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Jeffrey Tymczak profile image

Jeffrey Tymczak 6 years ago from Amelia Island

That is a great tip, using Xomba to bookmark my Hubs, NEVER thought of that before, excellent tip.


hubber-2009 profile image

hubber-2009 5 years ago from India

starting the page with affiliates, is it allowed by adsense?

wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 5 years ago from Australia Author

I hadn't thought about it however there are ads there so it must be ok ?

I don't normaly do that , must have been soon after I started .

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