What Gets Me Up in the Morning?

This is me Summer of 07

as a Person Home Health Aide
as a Person Home Health Aide

The sun shinning through my bedroom window with the scent of Sex On The Beach throughout.

I do not wake up to an alarm clock unless I have to get my son up for school. I work in my home, therefore; I have to listen to NO one in order to receive a pay check.

The amount of my pay check depends on me. My work schedule is totally up to me.

This does not make me lazy nor does it meant that I married someone rich and/or wealthy. This gives me full control of my life. No. I did not get rich yet but I am the next person in the line.

I do not spend my time or money on advertising. I just talk to others about the products because I use them in my home. I love the fresh fruits and flowers in my house. They are not over powering because my son would complain.

People do not want to hear a sales-pitch. You cannot sell something unless you know the product from a personal experience. I do not have a sales pitch nor do I use a speech. I tell people of the things that I use and my experience of the business.

I wish you a pleasant day at work


What gets you up in the morning?

  • An alarm clock?
  • Day light?
  • Your children?
  • A baby crying?
  • Someone driving by your home?
  • Telemarketers?
  • Sun shine?
  • Bill collectors?

Let's get to know and share something with each other. I am not on Hubpages to make money. I surf the Web to meet people.

I like helping those that need but do not ask.


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