Best Video Hosting Service: Youtube vs Vimeo For Embedded Streaming Video

There are many comparison reviews done on many different streaming video services. Youtube and Vimeo are 2 of the top video hosting services. They offer the option to insert embedded video onto a blog or website. In this case, we are using Hubpages. I'm going to focus on embedding video. We all know that Youtube has a larger community and etc. Let's look at this from an author's perspective. I'm going to go through the process of publishing an article and I will decide which streaming video service is the best choice.

Why Embed Video?

Embedding streaming videos onto your hubs or blogs adds value to your content. The effect of video embedding is similar to the effect of adding pictures to your hubs, blogs, or site. People like to look at pictures and videos. There is a fine line, however. Much like the same way we don't want to overdo it with pictures, the same principle goes with videos. We don't want to overwhelm the reader or be viewed as spam. So why should we include video and which streaming video service is best?

By adding relevant streaming video, you are basically guaranteeing that your visitors stay for a definite period of time. The longer your visitor stays on your site, the more your visitor reads. For example, if I have a 2 minute video clip nested between my paragraphs, I am basically enticing my views to click "Play". Once my visitor clicks "Play" they will probably stay for an extra 2 minutes just from that one video. Great! The video has to be relevant. I can't stress that enough. I will show you an example below. Remember this for later. You will have an "Aha!" moment.


Youtube is the first video service people will go to if they want to upload and stream their videos. Youtube has some pros and cons and these are:


  1. Unlimited HD uploading 1GB filesize
  2. Bigger community
  3. More potential exposure


  1. Ugly
  2. "Youtube" icon at the bottom right of each embedded video
  3. easily "lose" your visitors
  4. 10 minute video limit

The pros of YouTube should be obvious. Let's talk about the cons. This is subjective, but I think the YouTube player is ugly. When you embed a video on your article, there is a "small" YouTube logo at the bottom right of the video. This isn't a big deal but you have to consider, the embedded video is also small. Add the video progress bar and you have a good amount of "wasted" space. It just looks ugly and unprofessional. If you have a website, blog, hub, or lens, you want it to look as clean as possible. Another thing that you have to consider is losing your visitors to YouTube. Yes, and I've been a victim of this also. Think about it. You watch a streaming embedded YouTube video and it finishes. When it finished, YouTube displays "related" videos or "recommended" videos. I think they also have "spotlight" videos or some other crap like that. Okay, cool YouTube is showing the visitor what they want to see right? Well, they do this at the expense of your content. You want readers to stay on your page. Keep them there. Keep them reading.


Vimeo is not as popular as YouTube. Let's look at some pros and cons.


  1. Good quality videos
  2. Very clean look(floating progress bar that disappears)
  3. Keep visitors on your page (better)


  1. You are only allows 1 HD upload per week with the free account
  2. 500MB upload limit
  3. Small community (less exposure than YouTube)
  4. "Upgrade" cost $59.95 a year Plus you have to buy HD "tickets" when you run out.

Side by Side Comparison

Remember earlier in this article, I said that you have to have relevant embedded videos?

Youtube Version

Vimeo Version

I shamelessly took this video from my other hub, Jumping Rope: How To Increase Endurance, Speed and Agility. Notice how the embedded video from Vimeo looks much more cleaner and professional? Oh yeah, I bet you only watch a few seconds of each video, unless I did a really good job of keeping you interested. Well, that's because jumping ropes have nothing to do with this article. If you had been interested in my jumping ropes article, there's probably a good chance you would watch the video and stay for the extended period.

Also note. If you skip towards the end of the YouTube video version, YouTube will lists other videos that relates to my video but it gives my readers an opportunity to leave my page. I don't want this. At the end of my Vimeo video, there is a link to go to their site but it's much more discrete. If you pay for the Plus account on Vimeo, you can remove all the Vimeo links and logo alltogether making it look much cleaner. I think the free account is good enough. Standard quality looks fine to me also. If you are uploading 720p or higher HD videos, the 1 HD upload per week might be a factor.

The Winner!

For the purpose of this article, I have chosen a winner for the better service for embedding videos. The winner?


Why? I chose Vimeo for several reasons. The clean look and keeping the visitors in were big factors. This page is supposed to look professional. Anything that takes away from the quality should be dealt with. Embedded video is no exception. That's what makes Hubpages so great. They have a ranking system that rates pages. They call this the Hubscore. This gives up incentives to write better, and make things look better. Does that mean I won't use YouTube for my videos? No. I will still use it but in a different way. I plan to funnel traffic from YouTube to these hubs. I don't like the idea of sending people to YouTube away from my page. I think that is the best approach. Upload videos to both providers but embed with Vimeo on your articles. For your YouTube visitors, Provide a link in the description box to you articles. That's a win-win. You will have a clean looking article with professional looking embedded videos, plus you don't abandon the volume of YouTube searchers. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my article!

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Which video hosting service do you use? 8 comments

Gregg D. 6 years ago

I use Vimeo embedded on my sites and I have to agree they look really great. I also opted for the "premium" option so I can customize the way the embedded player looks now. See my sites to check out a "stripped down" version of the player: and

Team Buto 6 years ago

Nice article, one important point is that Vimeo don't allow commercial content: - our system is totally designed for commercial video delivery. :)

Calum Henderson 5 years ago

Very helpful comparison.

An annoying thing about vimeo is that you can only have mobile versions of videos if you're a paid member. That being said it is a much cleaner desktop embed so I'll probably stick with vimeo.


20webhosting profile image

20webhosting 5 years ago

I agree with you, youtube is useful for building links, while vemio is great for keeping visitors on my site traffic.... good luck :)

Matt 5 years ago

The most compelling argument you have provided for vimeo is to keep users on your site, but note that you can turn related videos off in the embed code for a YouTube video (rel=0).

Alexis 5 years ago

Vimeo Plus is the best as it allows up to 5gb upload a week, you can hide your videos from the vimeo community so the seo juice stays at home and you can personalize the play-bar (get rid of vimeo logo). If you have a Wordpress Site, use tubepress plugin and you are set. You can find an example on my homepage



Roberta 5 years ago

If you use youtube as platform for the videos embedding in your website, you can actually deactivate the disturbing related video options at the end of your video. In this way the visitor will not leave your website!

Set's All Set profile image

Set's All Set 5 years ago from New England Author

Roberta, since the writing of this article, things have changed and YouTube has added that feature. Thanks for contributing! YouTube is still the king for now but those who want a different, more original look should definitely consider Vimeo Plus. Thank Alexis for that comment.

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