This need not be what you think

But this is what i think about

I personally feel that writing for hubs is quite different from writing for writing for other sites, because what I feel is that when you write it for hub you derive a great sense of satisfaction even when you are writing for someone else still you gain that satisfaction. For me writing for hubpages is a source of personal satisfaction. The satisfaction not gained as a result of writing for hubs but being a part of larger group

While writing for ezine I never had that kind of excitement as I have it for hubpage believe me. I personally think that writing for ezine is pretty interesting but you need to be patient till it finally gets the official nod aka approval. Even thought it is a sort of achievement when the articles get approved by none other than the one who is proclaimed as one of the toughest guy to get persuaded. But the irony is that the articles remain devoid of any pictures and videos in ezine, but having said that there is no denial that ezine is the number one in the article marketing, but still I gain more satisfaction by writing for hub, even if it’s for me or when I write for others.

My journey to hubpages began with writing for others but lately I found that I should lend my voice too, not what others wanted me write or speak through me and it should be my own distinctive voice and this is where all the hubbing started.

Writing for hub is entirely a different experience as you get an international platform to showcase your skills. And believe me when being in hub even though we are located geographically we all share same platform. We all have gathered here to share our view, learn from experiences, share others concern, when at hub earning happens not just through money alone we earn respect, we earn fame, we earn confidence, we earn expertise and as the word Learn suggests, we earn and learn.

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earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 6 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Well said! You express many of my feelings about writing here.

wordsword profile image

wordsword 6 years ago Author

We all feel the same pulse earnesthub and thank you very much for sharing your experience.

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