10,000 viewers? Is Nasa behind this miscalculation too?

Thank you fans and patrons!

Wow, 10,000 views! I am in the midst of getting ready for graduate school. But I plan on posting up some of my writings, so be prepared for some media-related essays in the coming future!

This has been almost two years in the making. I began putting up college essays in an attempt to receive feedback and offer pleasure to my readers. I have aspirations of becoming a TV RADIO FILM Professor, so the feedback is well-received. With the success I have earned through this, I will continue to write, post and debate as necessary.

I believe my success in part has come from being able to write on interesting topics. If I had to suggest a "How to" for my readers on how to write interesting blogs, I would suggest breaking conversative writing ethics. It is so important to find your own voice and focus when writing. People do not respond well to dribble, monotonous diction, and monochromatic flavor. Writing on an assortment of topics can help expand your reading base as well as force you to do your "due diligence" and research topics.

I would also suggset finding a focus. For my blogs...I still don't have one. I've written on topical subjects just as well as historic ones. I've written about the Simpsons and Starbucks. I would argue focusing your blog on a particular style or theme may earn you more readers than myself.

Thank you all for this success! You will be finding posts from me by the end of this year!

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