5 Ways to Earn Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Easy Ways to Earn Money as an Amazon Affiliate
Easy Ways to Earn Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Here is my no-nonsense guide on how to really make money as an Amazon affiliate on Hubpages, or on any website, for that matter.

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1.) Write about specific products.

Want to sell flip flops? There are millions of searches for flip flops, you won't rank in Google.

How about size 8 flip flops? Getting closer, but still not specific enough.

How about size 8 flip flops for women? Almost there.

Size 8 metallic flip flops for women should be specific enough to get some targeted traffic, albeit it very small traffic as that isn't a terribly popular search term. However, if you do keyword research and your phrase does get some traffic, the low competition can really be beneficial over time. 100 hubs that offer low competition products can be more effective then writing 5 hubs on unspecific, high competition products.

Why is being specific important?

  • It eliminates massive competition. Instead of competing with millions of results, you're competing with a fraction.
  • It ensures targeted buyers. If you write a hub about size 8 flip flops, how do you know if your buyer is looking for size 8 men's, women's or even kid's styles? Exactly - you don't know.

2.) Find quality products.

Before you begin writing, make sure Amazon carries enough variety and enough highly rated products for you to write about. Some keywords that I think will do well end up getting thrown out as Amazon only carries a few products, or none at all.

3.) Look at prices, including shipping costs.

How do you shop online? Do you aim to save on shipping? I sure do. That is why I try to handpick products that offer free "Super Saver" shipping from Amazon.

Also, you want to give your readers a variety of price options. Writing about briefcases? Don't just try to sell $500 ones, include some $100 in there, too.

4.) Just get them "in the door".

I sell products all the time that aren't featured in my hubs and aren't even related to my hubs. How does this happen? People click on links for products and I get commission for whatever they purchase during that browser session. Even if you can't think of a product to include in your hub, think outside the box. There must be a book related to the topic. On my recipes, I always include 5 relevant cookbooks at the end of my hubs. Do I sell a lot of cookbooks? Not really, but it gets people "in the door".

5.) Don't set your sights too high.

Be realistic. If you only write hubs that try to sell $500 briefcases, you probably won't sell many, if at all.

  1. I find that the competition can be higher for these high commission items. You want low competition.
  2. How many people purchase $500 briefcases (online) on an impulse? Very few.
  3. Selling a few $5 or $10 items here and there for $.50 cent commissions may not seem like a lot, but they can add up. A great majority of my commissions are under $2, however Amazon's commission structure rewards you based upon the number of items sold, not the price. So, if I sell 50 small items and bump up my commission percentage from 4% to 6.5%, I'll make more on the bigger ticket items that I occasionally sell.

Amazon Commission Structure - Referral Rate Table
Amazon Commission Structure - Referral Rate Table

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The most important tip - think like an online shopper! I think that being a frequent online shopper has given me an advantage in earning money via Amazon. If you don't shop online, start doing it. How else will you get inside the mind of a shopper and be able to target products?

One last tip - don't overwhelm your reader with Amazon products. Just because you have more options, doesn't mean you'll get more readers viewing products. So, you probably don't want to "get people in the door" like I orchestrated on this hub. For an example of how to efficiently link to amazon products, check out: Hanging Travel Organizers or Pink Shower Curtains

Hopefully this short and to-the-point guide on how to really make money as an Amazon affiliate will assist you! Make sure to take the poll and post comments if you should have them.

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Ways to Earn Money as an Amazon Affiliate : Comments 23 comments

lakeerieartists profile image

lakeerieartists 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

Clear and too the point. Glad you point out that people need to be realistic, and work to get their earnings. :)

samsons1 profile image

samsons1 6 years ago from Tennessee

voted up & useful! Bookmarked. Very good concise and informative information...

girly_girl09 profile image

girly_girl09 6 years ago from United States Author

Thanks for stopping by! Glad it helped.

Anath profile image

Anath 6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I am still trying to figure out "how to amazon". this was very helpful.

viryabo profile image

viryabo 6 years ago

Reading this informative hub has made me have a re-think about Amazon now. I've sold a few products, but not near enough.

I shall approach it the way you just taught.

Thanks for sharing this with us.

girly_girl09 profile image

girly_girl09 6 years ago from United States Author

Hi viryabo - thanks for stopping by! I hope this helps!

pakpub profile image

pakpub 6 years ago from Ohio

Very informative hub. Thanks for sharing the info.

brettb profile image

brettb 6 years ago from London

Great information! Do you sell many plushies on Amazon? I think I would sell a lot more if the cookies lasted longer.

Aiden Roberts profile image

Aiden Roberts 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Brilliant this is the kind of information new internet users/writers need.

It's a thumbs up from me.

girly_girl09 profile image

girly_girl09 6 years ago from United States Author

thanks for stopping by! Like I said in the forums, you can still do well with affiliate sales through Amazon if you can't get into eBay. Another great thing about being an Amazon affiliate is that you can hand select products, where on eBay, the items change more frequently and could render some hubs outdated over time. However, I've found that products come and go on Amazon, so it is good to go check every once in a while and make sure your hand selected products are still relevant.

Research Analyst profile image

Research Analyst 6 years ago

This is a great resource, I will bookmark it for reference, really can use these tips for earning more with Amazon.

ocbill profile image

ocbill 6 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

great tip. I forgot they bump your commission up when you sell more of something and it helps the larger ticket stuff. gotta love the net for all the info but sometimes it is TMI. Thanks again.

charanjeet kaur profile image

charanjeet kaur 6 years ago from Delhi

Bang on!!! This is the best hands on information that any hubber can get on Amazon. Thanks for sharing have to crack the Amazon nut myself. There are miles to go and lots to learn.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

Wonderful hub, great information.

Girish1000 profile image

Girish1000 6 years ago from India


lilypjmom2122 profile image

lilypjmom2122 6 years ago from Minnesota

Just signed up with Amazon affiliates. This is good information to know! Thanks:)

Wrath Warbone profile image

Wrath Warbone 6 years ago from Cleveland, Ohio


This article is interesting but left me with many questions. You describe long tail key words well but you don't say where to put them Do they go in the title of your hub, or in the text, or in the keyword box when you post, or in the product ads? Low compettion products sounds good but you don't say how to find them. I don't know. When you find them do you need some kind of ID number to post them in your ads box? How do you do that, if so? I make zeor dollars a month on hubpages and you can see why. Thanks, though, for a good ball park figure.

PaulaK profile image

PaulaK 6 years ago from Austin. Texas

Thank you for your hub. I am encouraged to pursue this avenue with more fervor!

Loves To Read profile image

Loves To Read 6 years ago

I find this article very useful but i'm afraid that i am the same as Wrath Warbone on this topic. I keep reading from people who are making money but as yet there is nothing coming my way.

Thank you GG for sharing your knowledge.

God Bless.

dealrocker profile image

dealrocker 6 years ago from California

Nice hub. Great information. Liked your other hubs as well. Joining your fanclub and would like to invite you to join mine. :)

Chapter profile image

Chapter 6 years ago from Indonesia

very good tips. Now, I should sell cheap product too.

dablufox profile image

dablufox 5 years ago from Australia

Some very useful information on this hub. Although I havn't had much success with Amazon I have always felt that the key is to target low competition products. Thanks for the heads up.

Kim Cantrell profile image

Kim Cantrell 4 years ago from Deep In The Pages of a Book

People shopping online are looking for bargains, so I agree 100% with the cheap products advice.

I write about crime stories then promote the books about them. Many of these books are bought for a penny. While I dont' earn any commission on those, the sell does count toward tier numbers so it boosts the commissions earned on other items. Downloads of free kindle books count as well. So I definitely recommend promotion of free or penny products as well.

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