60 Hubs, 30 InfoBarrel and 30 Squidoo Lenses in 30 Days Challenge

Writing My Detailed Plan

I am going to do this challenge for the coming month of April. I was really inspired by the fact that you could get some passive income for years to come if done right. I would like to document my journey here on Hubpages.

The plan is to write 1 InfoBarrel articles, 2 hubs and 1 lens and 1 Bubblews article per day. I have 8 InfoBarrel articles, 10 hubs, 1 lens and 8 Bubblews article.

Here are the current stats as of March 30th 2013(I started on the 18th of March):

InfoBarrel (8 Articles)

Earnings: $0.17

HubPages (10 Hubs)

Earnings: $0.47

Squidoo (1 Lens)

Earnings: $0

Bubblews (8 Articles)

Earnings: $3.67

Grand TOTAL: $4.31

On InfoBarrel, I will be writing mainly game reviews and how to articles. On Hubpages, I will be writing soccer, anime and other personal articles. On Squidoo, I will write book or game reviews, and focus on amazon sales.

Bubblews is mainly used for back linking. Bubblews is actually a relatively new website that was launched last year. You actually get paid on every unique view, like/dislike or comment. Although it is my highest earner at the moment, The website is slow and often down. Until they fix their servers and get a consistent and stable server, I will not spend too much time there.

Their pay is lucrative however. I am going to see how well it ranks in Google search engines against the article writing websites.

I also know there are other article websites such as Zujava and Seekyt, but I think I am going to focus on 4 at most. I think that is enough diversification. But, using them for back linking wouldn't be such a bad idea.


Other Plans in the Making...

I also have plans to make some money on Redgage and my own blog. That is a long term project.

I am also doing Cashcrate (I just met minimum payout) and InboxDollars. While I am not sure if they will pay, I will report back and show proof of payment if they do pay.

Brainstorming for Keyword Ideas

Since I will probably run out of ideas, I wrote an article and also read mcxnifty's article with free 50 long tail keywords I could base my ideas on. They are extremely helpful and should help with writer's block.

50 Free Long Tail Keywords

Have you done a 30 Hubs in 30 days challenge before?

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Alright, the writing starts now. By the end of April 30th, I will have 70 Hubs, 40 InfoBarrel articles, 30 Squidoo lenses and 38 Bubblews posts.

I am literally dedicating my entire month to writing. Will be reporting back on May 1st.

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KenDeanAgudo profile image

KenDeanAgudo 3 years ago from Tiwi, Philippines

Voted up. I had made 36 hubs in 2 months and it is hard to take that challenge.

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

Thanks Ken,

I never got my 60 hubs, but I did top at 44 and a good amount of bubblews posts. It was a good challenge!

passionate77 profile image

passionate77 3 years ago

nice hub, motivating other hubbers as well with your great determination and strong will power, well done and blessings ahead too!

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

Thx passionate77!

icv profile image

icv 3 years ago from India, Kerala

good information from tour experience. it helped me as a learner about writing sites

Hikapo profile image

Hikapo 3 years ago from California Author

I am glad it helped. This is actually pretty old. I no longer write on InfoBarrel or Squidoo.

monika 2 years ago

why arent you writing on Infobarrel anymore? I was thinking about starting to write there since I read multiple times that it brings the most money

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