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7 Dollar Offers is the website that I listed my first publication on. Is a very unique website in that you can publish your work and list it on 7 Dollar Offers, if you are using the 7 dollar secret script. But it dawned on me that this website could be a great place for hubbers to promote products e-books of other people and have the money directly deposited in your paypal account.

Yup, You dont even have to enroll, sign up or pay any money. I like that part. All you need is a paypal address to sell anyones product on 7 dollar offers. Not all the products are 7.00 Some are less and some are more.

When you reach the website go to the bottom and click on affiliate information and you will see how you can make 75% of the purchace price of their products or if you link directly to the ebooks themself you normaly make 100%.

Heres my Link to 7 Dollar Offers

Check it out If you like getting cash in your paypal rather than waiting for weeks for anaffiliate program to pay you its Great! They have tons or ebooks to sell videos etc. They are not all hyped up marketing Crap either.

I am listing a few of the products below

Heres my Link to 7Dollar Secrets hub

17 foods that Heal

  • Lower High Blood Pressure
  • Reduce High Cholesterol
  • Control Your Diabetes
  • Suppress Your Appetite
  • Prevent Blood Clots
  • Reduce Triglycerides
  • Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Ease The Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Relieve Migraine Headaches
  • Fight Inflammation
  • Regulate Your Immune System
  • Soothe Bronchial Asthma
  • Combat Early Kidney Disease, and more...

How To Overcome The "Techno Babble" and Build Your Own Web Site ... in No Time Flat!

Okay, you've mastered surfing and you've probably got email pretty much figured out.

So, what's next? If you're reading this, then you probably would like to learn how to build your own website. Chances are pretty good that you've read some of the "geek speak" out there and it's left you petrified!

It's time to take away the "mystique" and give you exactly what you need to build your first website. And we'll do it without all that "techno stuff" that has you shaking in your boots.

Don't misunderstand. Some techno stuff is necessary and important to learn. But, it doesn't require you to be one step down from a phd in rocket science, which is what most guides on the net seem to require.

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compu-smart 9 years ago from London UK

Me too;)

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funride 9 years ago from Portugal

Yes that´s true! I´ll also take a look ;-)

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MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

That looks good

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