A beautiful Christmas Wish - for you my fellow Hubbers

Beautiful Christmas wishes to my friends

I dedicate this hub to all my friends in Hubland - Hub Pages. I want to wish every single hubber a very blessed and joyous Christmas from my heart. I have been here for five months and this has been a wonderful time for me because of everyone of you.

May this Christmas be the beginning of a new dawn of Peace, Love, Joy, Prosperity and Blessings in your life, may the New year 2011 be the best so far.

May this spirit of camaraderie and fun always prevail!!

Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2011!!


I wish you my friends, a Merry Christmas,

May the joy and Peace of Christ child spread far and near,

May your hearts be filled with good cheer,

May His light in your heart, shine bright and clear!

Immanuel, God with us, may He be with you always,

May His love fill you until the end of times,

His Grace and his Mercy follow you all your days,

May you be guided and blessed in all your ways!

May His kingdom come within you,

And illuminate your world with his marvelous Light,

May you be His lamp in your milieu,

May He give you your hearts delight!

May the peace of Christmas surround you, all your days,

And remain with you in the coming year so new,

He became poor, so that you may be rich always,

Healthy, happy and filled with love so true!

Happy Holidays
Happy Holidays

May your days be glorious and bright,

And your life richly blessed,

May his Spirit fill you with counsel and might,

May you be filled with zeal and zest!

This is my prayer for you my friends,

In Hubland this season of Christmas,

May every blessing He to you and your family extend,

Merry Christmas once again, with love I send!!

Beautiful Christmas Wishes
Beautiful Christmas Wishes | Source

O Holy night

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timorous profile image

timorous 6 years ago from Me to You

Aww...sofs, that's really sweet. A very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous new year to you and your family as well.

Your poems and articles on living life to the fullest are very touching..you're a great asset to Hubpages. Cheers.

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Thanks Tim, you always say the nicest things! Thank you for being such a good friend, you have made my time here at Hub Pages truly wonderful!

A very Merry Christmas and the most wonderful and prosperous New year to you!! :)

Ign Andy profile image

Ign Andy 6 years ago from Green Home Office

It's beautiful and Merry Christmas to you too :)

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Dear Ign Andy, A Very Merry and blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones and May the New bring all that you ever wanted from life!

I haven't met you on Hub Pages I am glad that you made this possible, thank you!

God Bless !! :)

onegoodwoman profile image

onegoodwoman 6 years ago from A small southern town

Thank you so very much.

And I wish you all the same.........

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

I am glad to meet you Onegoodwoman,

Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous, healthy and happy New year! Thank you and God Bless!

Rebecca Saunders profile image

Rebecca Saunders 6 years ago from Australia

Oh that's lovely! Thanks Sofs! Hope you have a Merry Christmas too!

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Hi Rebecca it is wonderful to see you again, I hope you have the most beautiful Christmas filled with love, joy and peace and the may the New Year be the best thus far.. May you find health, wealth and all that your heart desires in the coming year!!

profile image

ralwus 6 years ago

Well merry, merry and ho ho ho to you too sofs. Peace and love, Charlie

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Hi Charlie, Merry Christmas to you and your family too.. and may the New year be the best yet, filled with love, health, happiness and prosperity! Thanks for the wishes! :)God Bless!

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 6 years ago

beautiful so nice to have connected, look forward to many more chats in the forums..... Brenda.

lorlie6 profile image

lorlie6 6 years ago from Bishop, Ca

So beautiful, Sophie. Thanks and all the very best to you!

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Hi Brenda, Merry Christmas to you and your family, wishing you the very best in the New Year, may good health, Joy and prosperity be yours, may the coming year be a blessed one for you and your family!!

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Laurel, thank you great to see you back again!

Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a New year blessed with all that you have ever wished for, may good health laughter love and bright days be yours always!

Hope to see you writing more in the New year!!

richtwf profile image

richtwf 6 years ago

A beautiful wish of sharing love, hope and blessings to all us Hubbers for the New Year.

Wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011.

May God bless you and your family and send you His divine blessings from Heaven!

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Dear Ritchie, Thank you so much for your kindness and wonderful wishes.

I do fervently pray that this Christmas and the coming year will be a year of unending peace, joy, happiness and togetherness for your family. May all the desires of your heart be fulfilled. Love and prayers to you and your family.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

Very nice. Merry Christmas to you and yours also.

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

Thank you Kofeeeklatch Gals for the visit and the follow,it is good to know you and wish you!

May the Joy and the peace of Christmas be yours and May the new year be blessed and may your heart's desire be fulfilled!

Hope to know you better in the coming days :)

embee77 profile image

embee77 6 years ago

What beautiful sentiments, sofs. Your heart overflows with love. It's clear from your writing. Let's pray for a new year of peace and understanding among all people. Keep the faith, girl. Happy 2011.

sofs profile image

sofs 6 years ago Author

My HubPages experience has been wonderful because of people like you, everyone of my fellow hubbers have made this memorable for me.

I would like to wish everyone of my fellow hubbers a blessed New year filled with good health, happiness, prosperity, and peace. God bless you and yours!

May this be the best year yet!

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