How Blog Adsense top paying keywords From Google will display on your domain if you follow my one simple formula

Top Paying adsense keywords: introduction

There are two very important areas to remember when monetizing your site with adsense if you have any hope of making a modest income. And it’s got nothing to do with ad placement or the colour of the links.

  1. Traffic
  2. High paying keywords

Many people will try to tell you that getting traffic is hard work and that they would really like to sell you the secret system that will get you more adsense targetted traffic. Nothing could really be further from the truth. Take some traffic that I generated yesterday, for example, which I can tell you all about because the website in question isn’t adsense enabled! It is a site, but will do for our purposes.

Yesterday morning I wrote 3 blog posts, coupled them with two posts that I had made previously but rewritten, and uploaded them to my site. Within 20 minutes (unbelievable but true!) I was getting hits. By the end of the day I had 500 hits, and the second day it tripped 300 hits. This was a hot subject, and my posts were coming up on page one of Google, not in quotes, immediately. I didn’t pay for it. What was it? Epiphany assembly ideas! Now that might not seem a great deal to you, but the principles of how I got that ranking apply to every post that ever makes money on an adsense monetized blogsite.

The rest of the article will break down the actual steps that I go through when I am putting together an adsense earnings enabled page so that I know what will be displayed; and you will benefit because you will know at the end of it how to track down the top paying adsense keywords and use your content to massage the ads to display the top paying results. With the result that there will be money in your account as quickly as possible and your site or article will actually be found.

Top Paying Adsense Keywords: step 1

  • I wrote my blog
  • I did my keyword research to make sure my title was going to be found (there are a couple of really effective ways of doing this, which are very quick)
  • I wrote my title using those keywords
  • I edited my blog a little to ensure that the keywords were reflected in the content (about 5 minutes extra work.)

Why Epiphany? Well one of the things I do is provide content for church leaders and schools, for free, so that they are able to do what they do well. And I obviously want it found otherwise I would be wasting my time. But the principles of getting traffic are the same, and I apply it to other sites that actually make me money. I also wanted make sure that it was something people were desperate for – and teachers first day of school in the UK are looking desperately for new year assemblies; that they could find easily.

You can also use other traffic grabbing tricks of the trade, such as creating pages on Squidoo, using your name in forum postings, write on other people’s blogs, post up to Ezinearticles etc.. I am sure you know many of them.  In fact double your chances of making adsense revenue by monetizing your Squid!

Top Paying Adsense Keywords: step 2

Step 2 is to find those top paying Adsense keywords.

Consider, for example, you spend all your time writing up a blog article with the idea that you are going to monetize it with Adsense, and you put it up on your blog. You get the traffic following the tried and tested methods. And because you have used the right keywords in your blog, which reflect the title of your site, your Adsense links are correct. So you write about dog bad breath and sure enough, there are ads on your site which relate to smelly dog breath. You even get clicks! But here’s the rub, you seem to be getting hardly anything in your account. Darn, where did it all go wrong?

Well the first problem is not all adsense words are created equally – not all of them are top paying adsense keywords. You are probably aware that there is a bidding system on Adwords, which means those who want to advertise their site using the bidding system will agree to pay up to a certain amount per click. And they bid up to that value. If the term that they bid on is unpopular, it will perhaps only cost a few cents. If on the other hand it is very popular, and the market that is being advertised has a lot of money in it, then the value of the bids increases dramatically.

Now when you get paid by adsense for someone clicking an ad generated from your keywords, what you are getting is a percentage, and no one knows what that percentage will be, of the cost of that adword. The rest goes to Google. So, if you have a high value adword displayed on your site which gets clicked, then you will receive a larger amount of revenue than if you are displaying one of lower value.

Top Paying Adsense Keywords: Considerations

So lets consider markets, what is being searched for and the money in that market, because the richer the market, often the higher value the adword. 

If you go over to you will find a little button marked ‘keywords with highest cost per click’.  Click that link and you will start to get an idea of how rich rich keywords can be!  If you combine your domain name, or, I have found, even subdomain name, with a relevant blog posting you can influence the adsense system to post some of these top clicking ads.  More on choosing your domain name in a moment.  

It is unlikely unless you have a high page ranking site that you will be able to get those big links, so don’t go checking your adsense account expecting $20 or more a time!  But you can expect a reasonable couple of dollars a time, which isn’t bad, especially if you get a high number of visitors to your site.

Top Paying Adsense Keywords: taking it further

I mentioned above about domains. Of course if you are just looking for top paying adsense keywords to display on your hubpage then just try and use the phrase you are writing to as your hubpage title. But if not, and you want to get adsense on your website or, perhaps, wordpress blog site, then you can follow these steps.

Ok, so how do you choose that domain name? First have a look what phrases are being used on Spyfu that are worth quite a bit – mortgages, for example. Now go back to your keyword research tools, and find a long-tail keyword phrase that includes your more general mortgage word. At this point you might be getting fed up because although you are using a long-tail keyword, all the .com’s and .info’s etc are gone. Despair not! Lets crack out the subdomains!

First you need to find a good domain name that can be used to add things to the front. For example, - which at the time of writing is still available! Get that domain name, and then add it to your cpanel on your blog. If you have never done that before then you will need to learn how to ‘point’ your newly purchased domain name to your blog address, which I won't cover here. A good domain will influence the adsense trigger keywords!

Next, go to your cpanel and click on the ‘add subdomain’ logo. You will find it in the same box on cpanel as the ‘add domain’ tool. Quite simply, you add your subdomain name to the front of your domain name! So, you might now have (which has really high adsense ads displayed) It doesn’t exactly trip of the tongue so you are unlikely to be able to successfully flip the site to make money. However, you do have the word ‘mortgage’ in your blog title, and you can now make posts based on the blog title about mortgages. Result: you will most likely get Google adsense ads which are high(er) paying keywords.

So lets summarise all that. To get adsense to display top keywords on your site or hubpage you need to:

  • Use your keyword research techniques to choose good keywords to write about
  • Buy a domain name that is generic enough so that you can add lots of subdomain names to the front of it
  • Use your long-tail keyword phrases as subdomains of your keyword
  • Use good marketing techniques to get traffic to your blog

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