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Google Adsense Alternatives

Adsense Alternatives: google adsense alternatives. Alternatives to adsense.

Do you know what are good alternatives to google adsense? Bidvertiser is one of them. It pays by paypal and minimum payout is $10 only. Use alternative ads in place of Google Public Service Ads (PSAs) to increase our ad revenue. Google allows to use alternate ad location/page to display ads in your adsense account. It is in google policy that you can display competitors ads in place of public ads.

Why use adsense alternative ads?

Because sometimes adsense publishers are banned by Google for click fraud. So use bidvertiser. Google has $100 minimum payout but bidvertiser has only $10 minimum payout. Google pays by check and EFT (costly) but bidvertiser pays by Paypal. Join bidvertiser and start your contextual ad journey! Bidvertiser is a very good adsense alternative. There are also a number of other adsense alternative programs that are suitable for small blogs and websites. Use adsense alternatives to maximize your revenue.

There are hundreds of adsense alternatives. Out of these many are brand new. They have very low alexa rank, poor quality and even not safe to join. So stay away from them. Do not provide your personal information like your social security number.

If you are a google adsense publisher, stay with them and try other adsense alternatives only to increase your revenue by replacing google public service ads.

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LivePaths 8 years ago

As an alternative, you can also make money with Search results as well. Set up your own custom google search engine, tailored to your needs and Make Money at the same time, all for FREE. Check my hub about this here:

deepu 8 years ago

very good tips for bloggers.....nice go ahead

Ravi Sophocure 6 years ago

Could you please provide more alternatives to Google Adsense?

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