An Open-Ended Question to My Fans: What Should I Write About?

Dear Fans,

I have recently been ensconced in my room preparing for graduate school.  It appears that I will pursue a M.A. in Communications at Fordham University, though I have a goal of three master's degrees (I'm out of my mind).  I wish to enter the entertainment industry through the medium of television and ascend into the television production niche.  As a consequence, I have neglected my Hub Page.  Although I could write about a plethora of subjects, including The Simpsons recent 20th anniversary (of which I am drafting right now), I would like to know what you want me to write about.  So please write to me!  Again, I appreciate the warm compliments and sanguine comments; it's because of these I continue to write on this page.  I am humbled by all of you.



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