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Answer to Hub question

Its easy to put your eBay link into Hubpages, although you will have to do a write up on the product or your hub page will get flagged.

You copy the link. Click html in the text box of your choice then type the following code: (a href="your url goes here")Title of listing goes here(/a)

You will want to switch ( with its equivalent < sign. I would put it here but it doesn't show it due to the fact that it is html coding and doesn't show up.

Now for the second question: Go to the My eBay Section of eBay in the top right corner of your page. (Below is a picture showing the my eBay section) There all your results will be posted:

To copy you can hylight the text and hold ctrl+c
To paste you click where you want to past then hold ctrl+v

If you are interested in learning about html linking or html code in general one of the best sites I have found that teaches this is: This is a free site that gives codes for all html coding.

Another question was asked: What do you mean with "write up on the product or your hub page will get flagged"?

Here is the answer to that question:

A write up on the product would need to consist of some of the information about the product

  • Uses
  • Background
  • Extra Interesting Facts

Why do you need all this? Because in the terms of use for hub pages your hub will not get published if it is any of the following:

  • An empty or nearly empty Hub
  • A Hub with only purely personal content. A Hub should be able to be interesting, useful and understandable to people who do not know you
  • A Hub that contributes nothing new to a heavily saturated topic

The second point is the one I would like to focus on. Your hub can't by highly personal, and must be interesting or useful to others. So putting in background or history on the product as well as the many uses of the product will allow your Hub to be published.

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useful! 4 years ago

very very useful hub!

Chupp22 profile image

Chupp22 6 years ago from Orem, Utah Author

What I mean by write up of your product is place some of the description information into your hub on hubpages. Hub pages is started to block or flag hubs with only images. So use some of the description, put a picture, in the hub etc.

pedrog profile image

pedrog 6 years ago

What do you mean with "write up on the product or your hub page will get flagged"?

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