Are longer hubs better? Or do you prefer short and sweet?

So the question has been asked, are longer hubs better? Or do you prefer short and sweet.

That all depends on the topic of the hub, the writer and the information being provided. There are some hubs such as filing a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) where you need to be as detailed as possible so that consumers know the how to file a proper complaint and the process in which they'll be going through.

Then there are hubs such as baking a homemade chocolate cake that are short and sweet. Hubbers are given a list of ingredients and taken through the step by step process of making the cake.

So bottom line is that the information provided in a hub is completely left at the writer's discretion.

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C. C. Riter 8 years ago

sound advice Writely-So

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mandybeau 8 years ago

Thankl you, I realise that some topics wwere more about length requirement, I was asking is shorter better on all counts, ie cut as much out as possible dealing only with the facts, or wax lyrical for ages/



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